Jewelry is a fashion that never gets out of style. This is one of the major reasons why a lot of people are investing money for jewelry business whether big or small. Large jewelry companies have skilled craftsmen and expert gem cutters who are trained and good enough to make their own style and compete with other reputable jewelers all over the world. But for those who are starting up a small jewelry business, how can they compete with other retailers who have established names already in the market using their limited resources?

A question has been raised whether imitating a design from other retailers is a criminal act. What are the rules when it comes to copying someone's design or idea? Can one be considered unethical in doing so?

This issue is not only limited to jewelry making. There are various forms of forgery everywhere around us. Those imitation bags and slippers for instance that we usually find in supermarkets are almost exact copies of signature brands which are supposedly copyrighted and trademarked. The same thing happens in electronics and furniture business, so basically designs are usually inspired by somebody else's idea that they have seen one way or another.

For beginners in making jewelry the first thing they can do is to imitate. That is because they don't have the knowledge and skills yet on how to make good designs. One should undergo trainings and seminars; then apply and practice what they have learned to enhance their skills and talents in that field. In general imitating a design is a good idea to start up for something big. But what really matters is how you use those designs as inspiration to create your own original ideas to make a beautiful masterpiece.

When it comes to the business per se entrepreneurs will always do everything to sell their products at the most affordable jewelry price. If they know that a particular style is selling well, they will often adopt it and just develop it a little better so it will look original. That's one marketing strategy, if their current products aren't selling well, they will take a look at some more popular brands then take it as their own.

If a design is copyrighted nobody has the right to copy or duplicate it in any form. However the guidelines for copying somebody's work states that people can copy someone's initial design but not use the same color, type, or metal. You can only be sued if all the other elements of your design are being copied. But for as long as you change other components of the original creator's design, it's no longer his' but yours! The degree to which one replicates other people's work is a personal thing. But today with the world's technology there is a very thin wall connecting jewelry makers all over the world, so if you copy someone else's design don't be surprised if that person will call you and sue you for that. It's the original creator's right to take legal action for stealing his idea. So moderation in getting design inspirations should be followed. Making someone's idea a stimulant for generating your own brilliant design is never a bad thing. However one should not be blatant in doing so, you might as well improvise it a little bit just to avoid illegality of the action. Frequent and outright copying anything for easier money will most likely come back to bite you in some way or another in the long run.