Opposites attract, and the growth of internet dating means that an increasing number of people are looking for a partner of a different race to themselves. To help you find your dream partner, there are a wide range of ethnic dating sites available online. Here's more information about ethnic dating, and the range of ethnic dating sites available online.

Asian Dating

Asian dating is popular, and there are a huge number of Asian dating sites available. Most of the sites tend to focus on the business of finding Asian wives for Western men, because that's where the greatest demand is. The majority of the women on Asian dating sites are from either Thailand, China or the Philippines. The women in these countries can find it difficult to find good jobs, so obviously marrying a Western man is an easy way out of hardship.

Asian dating sites tend to come in a range of different types:

  • Asian ladies don't often speak or write good English. For Thai and Chinese women this makes it very difficult for them to sign up to datng sites that are only available in the English language. Many Filipina ladies do however have good English language skills, so those with internet access tend to sign themselves up for dating sites.
  • If an Asian lady doesn't have good English skills or she doesn't have regular access to the internet then there are basically two choices open for her. The first is to enrol with a marriage agency. These are common in China and Thailand. The agency will handle the correspondence between the man and the woman. This can be a good way to meet great Asian ladies. However communication can be difficult, and translation costs quickly mount up. The second choice a lady has is to sign on with an introduction agency. These are most common in Thailand, with many operating in Bangkok. Introduction agencies usually have a fixed fee service which is paid for by the man. They usually all have websites now, so the potential couples can communicate online before they meet in person. Introduction agencies can be a safer way of meeting an Asian lady online, although they don't usually have so many ladies to choose from compared to dating sites.

If you want an Asian husband then it's best to avoid the mail order bride types of sites, and head for a site like Japan Cupid or Korean Cupid. Both of these sites have plenty of wealthy, professional single Asian men looking for wives.

African Dating

African dating might sound great, but it is fraught with risks. Many online dating scammers live in West Africa, so dating someone from this region is hazardous. In fact in countries like Ghana and Nigeria online scamming is one of the major business activities in some towns. Often the African scammers will sign up to a wide range of dating sites, and pretend to be anyone from a wealthy American guy to a 20 year old Thai girl.

So the scammers make it hard to find the many honest Africans on online dating sites. If you're looking for a partner in Africa then don't go anywhere near the free African dating sites. Free dating sites just don't have the resources to track down and remove all the scammers from their site. It's much better to use a subscription site.

One of the most popular black ethnic dating sites is Afrointroduction. The site has a wide variety of members from countries all over the world. The site members are from a wide range of racial backgrounds, and are either looking for someone of similar or completely different ethnicity. The site has a large number of African Americans registered on it, and there are also members from Canada, European countries, the Caribbean and Africa itself.

Latin American Dating

Looking for a latin American partner? Here's more informaton about Latin dating.

So these are a few options for ethnic dating. Ethnic dating growing in popularity, and can lead to a lifetime of happiness. Safe dating!