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New to online selling? Or are you experienced seller and are looking for a less expensive and more community based outlet, than you need to check out Etsy.
They have established themselves as the #1 ecommerce site for handmade items. What many people do not realize is that they also have a very large and growing vintage for sale section.

I am a vintage seller and after many years of  offline selling I decided to venture into the online world. After a lot of research into the many options available I settled on Etsy.
The three main reasons for my choice were:

   1. inexpensive fees
   2.Ease of using their listing and shipping system
   3. Friendly community

Fee structure:
  Etsy's fees are very reasonable when compared against the other options out there.
  Listing fee: .20 per item for a 4 month listing
  Final value fee: 3.5% of sales price
  Merchant fee: 3% + .25 of sales price if transaction is done thru direct checkout ( I recommend opting in to this as it allows your customers to pay via credit card)

Listing an item:
  The listing system is very user-friendly. You basically are just filling in the blanks one at a time. Here is a quick rundown:

 Category - allows you to select vintage or handmade, era of production (your item must be at least 20 years old to qualify for a vintage listing), category of vintage or antique and finally a more specific sub category that best fits your item.

 Shop section
    You can create 10 shop sections to make your shop more organized and searchable.

    Allows up to 140 characters which enables you to create eye-catching and seo friendly titles

 Item description
  No restriction on text length

     Seems a little tedious at first but it is a very useful tool which allows you to really drill down  for seo.

     This is mainly meant for handmade but can be useful for seo

   Up to five per listing, limited photo adjustments available but it has not hindered my listings.


  Processing time
    Time from order to shipped

  Shipping cost
    Gives you the ability to create preloaded shipping profiles which save you time when you list a lot of similar items.

      You are able to preview what the listing will look like and double-check for any last-minute edits

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   Maybe the nicest thing about selling on Etsy is the friendly community. Most everyone is helpful and it is very easy and highly encouraged to cross promote inside of Etsy.
  You have the ability to like other sellers items and shops along with the ability to follow other sellers. This creates a feed that displays your community likes and follows and gives your items more exposure. 

  Etsy also provides a shipping calculator with reduced shipping rates that allows the shipping label fees to be added to your sellers account bill. They started me at a $25.00 limit but when I passed 60 days open on my first shop it was raised to $50.00. You have the ability to create and print invoices, follow your shipped items progress thru a tracking link and leave a personal message at time of purchase.

 Other nice features for this site include a useful analytical tool to tell you where traffic is coming from, the ability to view your running revenue total along with number of sales, the number of item and shop views and the ability to set up automatic transfer of funds to your bank account.

 The Etsy App for iPhone and iPad are both very user-friendly and with a little more work I could run my shop from my iPhone if I had to.

 I  have two shops on Etsy,  Vintage Rescue Mission which I opened about 75 days ago and Tee Shirt Us Rex which opened about 45 days ago. My monthly sales goals for these shops were $1000 and $750 at the one year mark. As we near the end of August Vintage Rescue Mission is at the $900 mark with about 150 items in inventory and Tee Shirt Us Rex is at the $100 mark with about 40 items in inventory.
 To say the least I am very pleased both with sales and traffic. Etsy has a nice amount of organic traffic and now that I have been open a while I am seeing traffic from outside Etsy thru seo and promoting my stores on social media ( Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). 

 I highly recommend Etsy as a low-cost, low brain damage place to sell your vintage items.
 Good luck and good fortune to you, if I can ever help you with anything Etsy related just start a "convo" with me at one of my shops.

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