Esty seller with over 7000 sales in handmade knit and crochet - actually over 13,000 in sales, 7,000 in feedbacks.

Amigurumi robots

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So many crafters knit and crochet, do cross stitch and needlepoint, and wonder how to create a viable business from crafting. But rarely is a handmade business profitable after your time has been spent creating. Never mind the cost of the yarn, canvas, needles and linen needed to produce a knitted or crocheted project or needlework.

Amy Gaines from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, has found the answer to making her handmades profitable on Etsy. Amigurumi. What is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a Japanese word and art. Ami means knitted or crocheted and nuigurumi means toy or doll. Amigurumi toys and dolls can be made with little bits of yarn and embellishments, not even a skein to complete a project.

Amigurumi kit

In 2003, a fad in hand knitted and crocheted toys erupted; Amigurumi became the medium for creating the handcrafted projects, and Amigurumi took off on Etsy and became its best seller. By 2006, Amigurumi toys and dolls were selling on Etsy at anywhere from $10 to a $100. Collectors were scooping up all these handmade toys and dolls.

In 2006, Amy Gaines started selling on Etsy: fairy dolls, robots, giraffes, owls, and hedgehogs and more. Her creations are not only amusing, but profitable, as Amy Gaines sells the patterns for making Amigurumi. Sent by pdf through email, there is no postage to include in the purchase. Amy makes one toy or doll and creates the pattern and sells the pattern multiple times.

Amy now sells the kits on Etsy as well, in both knitting and crochet, everything you need to make the project, yarn, hook, and child safe eyes, with lots of pictures and details for completing your own Amigurumi toy.

knit crochet toy pattern

Amigurumi makes wonderful gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and Amy even has a Happy Weather Mobile kit for baby's room. Amy Gaines sells her single toy patterns for under $5.00 or less. The group of safari animals and other groups, 5 patterns in all, are $6.00. The delightful knitted or crocheted toys and dolls can be made from yarn in your yarn stash. A great new way to keep knitting and crocheting, save money, and make toy and doll gifts, ornaments for your Christmas tree, and collectibles.

Etsy seller makes over 7000 sales
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