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Recently, I planned a trip to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to visit my brother who lives in the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. I had never been to Minneapolis or the Twin Cities before and wanted to find fun things to do while there. I hopped on Google and began searching for things to do, things to see, places to go in Minneapolis-St. Paul and found a lot of stuff! I stumbled upon a website called Ettractions. This website had so much visitor about the Twin Cities I didn't need to go anywhere else! The website was very user friendly; I just clicked on Minneapolis-St. Paul and up came attractions, outdoor activities, museum, restaurants, nightlife and so much more! Ettractions had anything and everything I could have asked for. I found lots of places to go and eat that even my brother had not heard of. We went to this place called I Nonni which was an upscale Italian restaurant. It was delicious and the patio was great! We also went to the Mall of America which was great. I found lots of cool things to do in the mall from Ettractions. There was an article on Minnesota sports on Ettractions talking about how ESPN that Magazine rated Minnesota sports among the best stadium experiences in sports. According to the article, the Minnesota Twins were rated the #1 best stadium experience in all of sports with their brand new stadium Target Field. My brother and I went ahead and went to a Twins game and let me tell you, ESPN the Mag got this one right! That place is amazing! Plus, the Twins won in a nail biter! Overall, Ettractions made my experience in Minneapolis-St. Paul the best it could be! I'd recommend it to everyone who is traveling!

In Closing

Ettractions is a great experience!