Etymotic ER6i earphones are a pair of very high quality earphones that do what they promise to do. They deliver the best music ever as well as a quiet environment for you to enjoy music.

A whole package of audio experience

Purchasing a pair of Etymotic ER6i earphones is not like many other its counterparts out there on the market. The earphones not only offer you the earpiece itself. What it offers is a full package of stuff for you to explore a whole new audio enjoyment that it includes the ER6i earphones, a cord with a stereo plug, a pair of two-flange eartips, a pair of foam eartips, two filters for replacement, a tool for filter changing, a shirt clip and a little black pouch.

Wait a while for the foam tEtymotic ER 6i Earphones Reviewo expand

Since it takes a few seconds for the foam of the earplugs to expand so as to keep the earphones in place as well as to block the background noise all out, you just have to be a bit patient for the foam ear tips to do their work And you will be able to experience the high quality of sound you are looking for since you have made a decision to buy a pair of sound isolating earphones.

Foam ear tips over triple flanged ear tips

From what you get from the package, you would be free to choose to use either the foam ear tips or the triple flanged ear tips, except the comfort that either of them may provide you with, it is recommended that you use the foam ear tip as they offer you a more quiet channel to let the music play. The foam ear tips help to reduce 34-36 dB for you while the triple flanged ear tips can only isolate a few dB less.

Remember that you are wearing a pair of sound isolating earphones

Like advice for those who are speaking on the phone, people who are listening to music, especially people wearing a pair of Etymotic ER6i earphones, they surely also have to take the earphones off whenever they are crossing the road as accidents can happen. And when you do not really want to soak yourself 100% in the music world, you should not use the earphones to avoid your guard being loaded down unwillingly.

Fit to plug into most airplane audio systemsEtymotic ER 6i Earphones Review 2

The pair of sound isolating earplugs is made for the use of travelers. They fit for the use of many airplanes' audio system so you would not need to bear the torture of the low quality earphones the air hostess gives you. You can bring along your pair of Etymotic ER6i earphones with you around the globe and you would not feel bored at all because you can always have live-band quality music with you.

In conclusion, you have every right to choose whichever types of earphones you like on the market but with the high quality of sound and strong sound isolating power a pair of Etymotic ER6i earphones can offer, they are very likely what you are looking for.