Eucalyptus Lotions: Soothing Dry and Sensitive Skin

Known for its soothing properties, eucalyptus lotion has long been used to combat dry, sensitive skin, and to gradually treat skin blemishes, abrasions and uneven texture. Regular users swear by its efficacy (although no one's probably actually heard anyone say "I swear by my 9.25 ounce bottle of Eucalyptus Lotion that I will speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"), and ardent fans of the product are often caught caressing a bottle in private. Though these claims and practices are largely unverified, the beneficial qualities of eucalyptus can no more be denied than the rising of the sun in the east; the proven medical properties of this plant are beyond reproach. The magic that makes eucalyptus lotion work so effectively against so many ills lies in its composition. It is mostly made of terpenes, which are a class of hydrocarbon compounds that include those like Vitamin A. These compounds effectively carry out all the functions in the background, like Santa's little helpers at Christmas time, who slave day in and day out to make toys but don't get to enjoy the milk and cookies.

Eucalyptus Lotion: How it is Used

The typical commercial version of eucalyptus lotion is a composite mixture of eucalyptus essential oil and other oils known as carrier oils, which are used as much for their individual benefits as to attenuate the potent effect of pure eucalyptus oil on the skin. Typical carrier oils are grape seed extract, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. Other oils and compounds may be mixed in as well, including sweet almond and wheat germ oils, and rosemary and chamomile extracts. Each of these has known properties that will either complement or synergistically enhance the effect of the main ingredient. Proprietary lotions will usually have a unique blend of oils to achieve specific desired results or to enable patenting of the product. Some natural fragrances may be added as well, although eucalyptus itself has a soothing smell, as do most of the other ingredients.

The Lotion In Motion: What It Does

Apart from the soothing effects of the lotion on the skin, there are numerous other benefits. It can act as an antiseptic due to the formation of ozone when the lotion is exposed to air. When used in combination with menthol, such as in cold and chest rubs, it acts as an effective decongestant and expectorant loosening and breaking down mucus. A single application can bring about relief from the symptoms of hay fever, asthma and whooping cough. The lotion can even be used as an effective mosquito repellent. It also acts as a mild analgesic, relieving you of pain caused by superficial wounds. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities can also act to prevent foot odor and infection from open wounds. The aroma associated with the lotion also helps calm down frayed nerves, reduces the effects of depression, and is a wonderful antidote to psychological stress and its symptoms.

The Price Of Good Dermal Health

Just because the numerous brands of eucalyptus lotion provide global benefits, it doesn't mean they have to cost the earth. In fact, you can get a 2 oz travel bottle for about $5 and an 8 oz regular bottle for about $15. In fact, you can even get a complete set with a lotion, hand-wash and a sink set for $30. Check out sites like nextag dot com to compare prices and get some terrific deals. You'll find all the popular brands like The Thymes, m LUXE, V'TAE, Greenleaf and Body Eclipse. One of the main reasons that prices are so reasonable is the effect of high demand in the market for anything eucalyptus. There are so many importers of the core ingredient that prices are automatically driven down by effective competition.