Before you get over to Europe for what is undoubtedly going to be one of the best trips of your life there are a few things that you should know. The best way to see a continent isn't by plane but rather by the incredible train network that Europe has. Looking out the window you will see so many different cultures and landscapes skipped passed you that the memories will stick with you for the rest of your life.

The Eurail pass is a very customizable means of traveling the European rail network. You can buy passes for unlimited travel in a certain number of days, or you can buy a certain number of days of travel that have to be used in a certain time frame.

The Eurail Pass is available to anybody who has lived outside of Europe for war more than the last six months. There are some restrictions, like with anything else, so if you happen to live in Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, or Russia the Eurail pass will not be available to you. If you happen to have a contact or address outside the euro zone then you can buy one and have it sent there.

Eurail Pass

Purchasing a year else asked can be done in person or online. I found that purchasing mine online was much easier and I didn't have to leave my house. One thing is for certain though, make sure that you buy your Eurail pass well in advance because once you get to Europe that prices nearly double.

Now that you know what exactly the Europe rail pass is and how it is used you can see whether or not it is worth it to get one. In some countries purchasing rail tickets flat out is really rather cheap and the Eurail pass might cost you more for a day of use than the ticket for the train would. Try to plan out your proposed trip and see how much it would cost to buy train tickets alone and compare that with the price of a Eurail pass. You can always get a euro us valid for, say five days in a month, and travel seven days but paid for two tickets. Most of the time the Eurail paths does end up saving you quite a bit of money.

There are in fact discounts for your rail passes. If you are under 26 years old, there is a pretty healthy discount that is really worth it and makes traveling by train very beneficial. There are also discounts with some rail companies that allow groups of people to save money. If you can convince a number of your friends to come with you you might just save some money.

In some countries and on certain trains there will be compulsory seat reservation costs associated with the travel. Make sure that you check the schedule to see if reservations are required for a train but in most cases it is a good idea to get there early anyway so you don't end up standing the whole way. High-speed trains and popular intercity routes tend to be the ones that require reservations but even entire countries, such as Italy, require you to make reservations on every single train. The costs associated with these extra little services must be paid for by you and the Eurail pass just covers the ticket price.

Keep in mind that there are private lines who don't accept the Eurail pass as a valid ticket. Because I didn't do my homework, I got on a privately operated training in Switzerland and ended up paying an extra €120 for a make sure that you know what you are doing every time you step on the train.

Seeing as you will probably be traveling over a number of different countries borders, having your passport in your pocket is always advised. The Eurail pass will have your passport number and name on it so that nobody else can use it. A lot of the time the train staff will ask you for your passport as well as your your rail pass just make sure that the right person is using it.

The idea behind the Eurail pass is that you can work on a loose schedule and still see as much of Europe as you want. You should, however, spend a little bit of time planning your journey. If you don't want to take trains that require reservations, tying your arrivals and departures on trains that are off-peak and you will save some money. That being said, make sure that your travel times are not ridiculous because you don't want to be walking from the train station in Naples at 11:00 PM on any night of the week.

Although the Eurail organization makes sure that prices of the Eurail passes state closely controlled, they do sometimes have special deals available when demand is lower. If you can manage to wait for one of the times throughout the year, you might just get yourself a pretty good deal on a year of past. This might not, however, coincide with your travel plans so don't let the price prevent you from seeing this incredible continent.