Eureka Condo 3 Room Tent

The Eureka Condo 3 room tent is a great tent if you and your family do a lot of camping and you want something more luxurious and roomy then the run of the mill Coleman tents. The Eureka Condo 3 room tent is best used for camping trips of at least 2 nights. The tent actually goes up pretty quickly by the third time you erect it. The first time will be slow as the directions may be a tad confusing. The second time you will have the Eureka Condo 3 room tent set up a lot quicker and with no mistakes. The third time you set-up this family tent you will have it set up fast.

Buy a Larger Stuff Bag

As fast as this tent can be set-up it can take even longer to properly roll the tent up and place it into the stuff bag that comes with it. Buy an oversized stuff bag and it will make taking down the tent go much faster than if you were trying to install it in the stuff bag that came with the tent.

Tent Weight

This family tent weighs about 72 pounds according to Eureka. The Eureka Condo 3 room tent is a great tent for families to toss into their SUV to go camping. This tent obviously is not designed for backpacking or bicycle touring.

Tent Divider

This is a three room tent but one of the walls is removable. You can easily remove the removable divider and transform this 3 room tent into a roomier two room tent.


Ventilation is made easy with 10 windows. Yes, this tent by Eureka comes with 10 windows. You can easily create a nice cross draft by strategically allowing the air into some of the windows or you can simply open all of the windows.


The Eureka Condo 3 room tent retails for $879.00. The tent is expensive but if your family camps a lot and you require a tent that is durable as well as versatile then consider the Eureka Condo 3 room tent. A cheaper tent may need to be replaced every few years but this tent could easily last 5years or more under semi- to moderate use.

This tent has a lot of features you will not find on cheaper and less expensive tents. You can choose to vent the tent up high, down low, or high and low. You can stand up and change your clothes. If you are going to be stuck in a tent all day because of the rain then it is nice to be able to stand up and stretch once in a while. This tent can take the rain and moderate to high winds with ease.

The Eureka 3 room condo tent is a great tent for family camping. It is expensive but when you consider the way the tent is built with all of the features you will soon realize that is a great bargain. This tent may even make camping for your kids more fun. If you want a tent that is as fun as it is durable then consider this quality family tent.