Eureka Northern California is an intriguing town. It sits right in the State known for the glamour of Hollywood and all the other glimmering privileges that come it with. Yet, it seems to have refused to tag along with its modernity. Eureka maintains the grittiness of its past and lives it history to this day. It is less than 30,000 in population and it is perhaps how it has maintained its warmth.


It was once disturbed by the lumber industry but it just as quickly bounced back to its Victorian origin and is now a city of beach and art. Some mornings, it feels like a big seaside resort and some days, it feels like a Victorian town. A vacation here must begin with a leisurely walk to check out the architecture and daily culture of the area. You will get a feel on how life was before all these complicated technology. Take careful steps from street to street to make sure that you take in all the beauty that every corner of the city has to offer.


All About Art


Eureka is also proud for being home to many great artists. Check out the Clarke Historical Museum, Hsu Natural History Museum, Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Many Hands Gallery, and Wooden Sculpture Garden of Romano Gabriel. Each art piece tells a story of period in time of this town and also showcases the talent of the present day generation.


Outdoor Adventure


There are, of course, outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in this town either. Start with the rugged terrain of Lost Coast, an uncrowded site for backbacking and camping. The Humboldt Redwoods State Park or on the shoreline at Clam Beach or Gold Bluff Beach are other sites where you can enjoy the purity of nature with giant trees that are over centuries old and thousands of wild animals roaming around for you to observe. To be surrounded by the giant remnants of the past is an exhilarating and humbling experience. These areas are also great biking trails.


Water Adventure


You can also look forward to some of the greatest water adventures you will ever experience. The Pacific Humbolt Lagoon is the favourite spot of kayakers. If you find kayaking a little too rough for you, you can join the ocean fishing expedition and catch some halibut, snapper and petrale sole for your own meal. You will be watched by the hundreds upon hundreds of bird species while you sail through the open water.


This is not to say that the town has completely rejected modernity. You will find supermarkets, malls and other establishments accessible making this the perfect weekend getaway place for lovers and families. 

Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Eureka, Northern California