A well-made product should last for many years, providing you with reliable service. Eureka vacuum cleaners have a reputation for being reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. Even with a well-built product and with adhering closely to manufacturer’s guidelines for care, you may still find yourself with a vacuum cleaner that is in need of repair. Don’t throw the vacuum cleaner out in favor of a new one, especially since the cost of the Eureka vacuum parts you need will be far lower than the cost of outright replacing the machine.

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Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
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Eureka Vacuum Parts

Figuring out What's Broken

It can take a bit of work to determine which part of the vacuum cleaner is actually malfunctioning, but there are a few steps that you can take in order to work out which Eureka vacuum parts you actually need to perform repairs.

  • Before doing any sort of maintenance or repairs on any appliance, you should be sure that you always disconnect it from the power source so that you can avoid a nasty and potentially lethal shock.
  • Empty out the bags or dirt canister from your vacuum. This can sometimes be all that your vacuum cleaner needs to get back to full functionality.
  • Remove and clean filters; if the filters are in poor condition then you should add them to the list of Eureka vacuum parts that you will need to purchase.
  • Turn the vacuum cleaner upside down and remove the rollers at the bottom of the machine. Thoroughly clean them or mark them as needing to be replaced if they are cracked or otherwise in poor shape.
  • Take a look at the belts on your vacuum cleaner. Eureka vacuum belts are designed to be durable, but they can still wear down with frequent use; they will often crack, warp, or outright snap, and cause a very heavy rubbery and burning smell. That is usually your first indicator that all is not well with your vacuum cleaner.
  • Carefully examine the screws holding the various components of the vacuum cleaner together. A loose or missing screw could be enough to cause the machine to malfunction.

When it comes to Eureka vacuum repair parts are rarely the most expensive part of the process if you take your vacuum cleaner into a service technician. Typically you will be paying for the expertise and labor of the service technician. However, if you are able to purchase the right Eureka vacuum parts yourself, with a bit of do-it-yourself ingenuity, you can easily perform your own repairs, for a fraction of the cost.

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Getting the Right Eureka Vacuum Parts

It is very important that you get the right parts for your particular model of vacuum cleaner. While a lot of parts are standard on many of the machines, you should always ensure that you are getting the right pieces to the puzzle; otherwise the results could be that you will be doing a lot more damage to your vacuum cleaner.

With your vacuum cleaner’s model in hand, you can visit your nearest Eureka vacuum parts store to determine whether they have the parts that you need to repair your vacuum cleaner. An online search for your area can typically provide you with several Eureka vacuum parts store locations so that you’ll have a few choices if the first one or two that you try do not have your particular needed parts in stock. It is a good idea to call them up first before paying a visit, just so that you don’t wind up traipsing all over town in search of the exact Eureka vacuum 4870 parts you need, as an example.

Many vacuum cleaner repair shops will also offer parts for sale, but you may find that stand-alone repair shops have higher prices on Eureka vacuum parts than a store like Walmart for example. You will probably find however that a stand-alone repair shop offers a lot of replacement parts for the most popular models of Eureka vacuum cleaners.

Another benefit to visiting a vacuum cleaner repair shop is that you’ll typically find the staff there to be more knowledgeable about the different parts and various tools that you will need while you are repairing your vacuum cleaner. There is a big different between Eureka Optima vacuum parts and Eureka Altima vacuum parts, and it can be helpful to get a bit of input from a professional who is much more familiar with these types of home appliances.

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Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright, AS1001A
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Doing Your Repairs

Replacing Eureka vacuum parts is often as simple as putting the new items back in the same spot from where you removed the other broken parts. But you should still run through a few steps in order to ensure that your repairs are being done correctly and to ensure that you are successful with your repair endeavors.

  • As always, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is unplugged before you start to work on it.
  • Compare the size, shape, and of course the part number of the broken parts to the new replacement parts. If they are not an exact match then you may have purchased the wrong parts. It is never a good idea to try and retrofit a part into your vacuum cleaner as it may result in an electrical short or cause further damage that is not repairable. Of course, if you’ve purchased an off-brand replacement part then it should be fine, so long as it is a match for the original part you removed.
  • Once the parts have been replaced be sure to go through the machine carefully, replacing all of the parts that you removed. Clean the vacuum cleaner with a microfiber cloth and ensure that all of the screws are well-tightened.

If your vacuum cleaner fails to start up and work correctly after you have done repairs then it is possible that you misdiagnosed the problems. However, there are just a few primary components in a vacuum cleaner and if your repairs were not successful then you could be dealing with an electrical problem that is beyond your scope.

If your Eureka vacuum cleaner has become wet it is important to allow everything to dry out thoroughly before you attempt to reconnect it to an electrical outlet. However you should give some serious thought to the outright replacement of any appliance that has sustained water damage; the risks of electrocution are simply not worth saving a few dollars.

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Eureka LightSpeed Upright Vacuum, Bagless, 4700D
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