Searching for the perfect pillows to anchor your bed pillow sets? Euro pillows are an excellent choice. They are of a big enough size to make a statement, but their shape - a perfect square - is so simple as not to overpower your overall design. They are excellent decorative pillows that can be used in many different ways. Discover more about these pillow here, including some usage tips and the prices you should expect to pay for them.

Euro Pillows: A Square By Any Other Name

Euro PillowsDon't let the fancy name fool you. Euro pillows are not some sort of crazy, ultra-modern, European-designed pillow variation (say that five times fast). No, Euro pillows are about as basic and simple as can be. In fact, they are a perfect square: 26 inches by 26 inches to be exact. These pillows are a designer's dream. They've got enough size that they can add some terrific dimension to a bed set or a couch, and they definitely have more than a fair touch of class to them. You can find Euro pillows in upscale hotels, and the look created with them at home feels almost like one you'd see on a luxurious vacation.

As a bed decorative pillow, the typical usage of a Euro pillow is to have it propped up vertically against a headboard with other pillows (including the sleeping pillows) aligned in front of them. Matching them well, then, with your bed decor, can give a real splash to the look. But, while Euro pillows are an amazing decorative pillow choice, they aren't as well suited for sleeping on. Many people feel the size of Euro pillows make them very difficult to get comfortable with in bed.  Due to their size, though, they are excellent pillows to use to prop yourself up with for reading or watching TV prior to sleep.

Euro Pillow Shams: Make Your Style Shine

Rustic red Euro pillow shamIf you've got a neutral style, you could choose to go with a naked Euro pillow and let just the size add to the look. But, you can also do much, much more with the use of Euro pillow shams. There are lots of different styles of shams out there, from shams featuring bright Moroccan colors to pillows with highly modern line patterns. The choice is up to you, based off of your bedroom or living room style. While the Euro pillow may be large, it can still conform very well to your design needs.

Euro Pillow Prices

The Euro pillows themselves are very inexpensive, ranging from $10 to $20 for an individual pillow and many pillow sets of two coming in at $20 to $30. Euro pillow shams are a bit more expensive, from $10 to $40 or more for an individual sham. It all comes down to the materials used to create the shams and the style you are looking for. A more complex sham design will obviously cost you a little more, but it's definitely worth it if it supports your overall look.

You can make a big splash with Euro pillows. They are great on the bed, but you don't need to stop there with them. These pillows are very eye-catching anywhere around your home, whether on a chair, couch, or even as floor pillows. They are one of the best decorative pillow options out there.