European postal enterprises

2007 Winner Armenia. The Armenian winner of the 2007 Europa postage stamp competition.Although Europa stamps have been issued since 1956 the Europa stamp of the year only began in 2002. This article shows all the winning stamps since the competion proper began. The organising body is called PostEurop and practially all the countries in the region produce Europa stamps each year. The special stamps are issued and display the Europa logo clearly. Many philatelists throughout the world collect them and they are much sought after.  

Philately Themes

Postal vans is the 2013 topic - Voting still in progress

Participating countries are instructed to base their issues on a theme. For instance the winning 2007 entry, shown above, concerned Scouting and the theme that year was Scout Centenary. The Scouts were 100 years in existance and the postal issuers all designed their stamps with the scouting theme.

The First Winner in the modern era

2002 winning entry from Malta

2002 winning entry from MaltaThe theme for the inaugural year was 'The Circus' and this entry from Malta was a runaway winner. Some stamps, like this one, are just so good that words are not adequate enough to describe them.

Themes by year for the initial 5 years

2002 = 'The Circus'

2003 = 'Poster Art'

 2004 = 'Holidays'

2005 = 'Gastronomy'

 2006 = 'Young People and Integretion through their eyes'

Winning entries for 2003 and 2004

Monaco Poster Art and Holidays in Greenland

2003 Europa winning stampWinner 2004 Philately Europe

Gastronomy winning entry in 2005

Icelandic entry for gastronomes

Gastronomy winner in 2005

Winning designs 2006 to 2008

The 2007 winner is at the top of the article

2006 Europa Integration winner

The Letter Theme winning entry 2008

Astronomy was the subject matter in 2009

Magyar Posta, the Hungarian Postal authority won easily

Europa winning Postal entry 2009

2010 and 2011 winners Hungary and Turkey

Children's Books and The Forest were the topics chosen

Europa postal authority winner 2010

Europa Postal Operator winner 2011

Categories - including the 2012 Magyar Posta winner

The classifications for 2006 - 2013

Europa Hungarian winner 2012

2007 = '100 years of the Scout movement'

2008 = 'The Letter'

2009 = 'Astronomy'

2010 = ' Children's Book'

 2011 = 'The Forest'

 2012 = 'Visit'

2013 = 'Post Vans'


Europa Stamp Winner 2013

First time entrant wins for Finland

Europa winner 2013The theme for 2013 Europa stamps was Post Vans or vehicles. At least 60 countries participated and a delightful selection of stamps were issued.

The winning entry was the Finnish one.

Stamp experts from throughout Europe acted as judges. The 8 judges were hard pressed to select a winner from so many fantastic entries but duly came up with the Finnish winner.

For Finland this was a major achievement as they were a first time entrant to the competition.

The 4 stamp block shown here is the winner of the 2013 EUROPA stamp Jury Prize. The Jury prize has been in existance for the past 4 years only.

Future themes for competition issues with PostEurop

2014 to 2016

 2014 = 'National musical instruments'

 2015 = 'Ecology - Green Europe'

2016 = 'Old toys'