The Old World retains its draw, and particularly when it comes to honeymoons. Europe is an enormously diverse place that includes a large array of traditions, mother tongues and unique features. Here are a few locations where romanticism meets fun and joie de vivre.

Paris, France
The French Capital serves as the most sought after honeymoon choice on the globe, and deservedly so: Lovely streets, statues, tradition, lots of lively diversions and let's not forget the outstanding food available all around. The French Capital offers so much. Honeymooners will love to ride a "bateau-mouche" along the Seine, perfect at sunset, to photograph the majestic cathedrals and markets Paris is famous for.

Montmartre, in the north of Paris, is a very cultural place where a married couple can explore on foot and taste the excellent cuisine its hundreds of bistros and restaurants have to offer. Night life is also very vibrant in this area, not only in the 1999 film hit "Amelie". Culture is inescapable, and don't forget that the Louvre and Orsay display a host of artistic works in the most romantic of settings.

Venice, Italy
Venice is by far the world's most obvious honeymoon location: The canals and the buildings specifically, which have recently had detailed coverage in film are often enough to make one yearn for a romantic voyage. There are, naturally, hundreds of other ways to really see this Italian jewel and the whole region, and not just for a honeymoon.

The exquisite cuisine is a big draw for visitors, especially in the presence of architectural marvels in places like the Piazza di San Marco. You might visit Venice for its romantic feel, architectural background, or just because culture is everywhere around this beautiful city. It's so simple to get around by walking, by taking a gondola tour, or visiting the countless museums. Add a a few souvenirs and you've got the perfect honeymoon locale.

The Santorini Volcano, Greece
This archipelago has all of the the beauty and historical pull that is generally associated with Greece. The Santorini volcano, which was once thought to harbor the ruins of Atlantis, is a haven of picture-perfect Mediterranean views and many humble Greek villages. Opportunities for relaxation and cultural immersions alike are readily available in Santorini and can turn it into a memorable honeymoon.

Publicly accessible beaches are within a reasonable distance for a walk or can be reached by bus; be sure to stay a bit at least once so you don't miss the magnificent sunset on the water or from a restaurant's deck. Archeological tours are also enlightening, not to forget the volcano's crater, which is still active and accessible to tourists. It is the quintessential Greek experience, and maybe the most romantic area in the Mediterranean.

Prague, Czech Republic
Centrally located in the Czech Republic, Prague is thought by many to be Eastern Europe's most desirable destination, both for its cultural context and its colorful lifestyle. The Old Town is without questions the city's most lively area; it has lived through many eras of growth and expansion in its history and abounds with memorable architecture like the Old Town Square and the Old Synagogue.

Prague encompasses a wide array of cultural distractions. Outstanding examples are the National Museum and the Museum of Decorative Arts. What also distinguishes Prague is an unusual combination of old gothic and contemporary buildings, a very unusual setting that is so popular with visitors as a group and honeymooners in particular.