When looking for the right kegerator parts to dispenser cold draft beer, you'll need the right coupler for draft beer. Finding keg taps for sale on expensive European keg taps will save you money when shopping online. European keg taps are more expensive than US keg taps. Specific beers require different couplers to tap draft beer. If you have a keg of fine imported beer, you'll need to make sure you have the right kegerator parts to dispense the beer. Some kegerators don't always include all the kegerator parts needed for a kegerator.

European keg taps won't fit on US domestic kegs. US keg beer taps are only for domestic beers. There are some very nice European keg taps for sale online at numerous of different stores. It's better to shop online for European keg taps for sale, especially since prices can be much lower than retail when you find the right stores. Some places might offer free shipping included. Before I list some of the best places to shop for European keg taps for sale, scroll down to make sure the European keg tap will dispense your draft beer.

European keg taps: which beer can it dispense?

There's six different couplers on the market. Each coupler is different and will only dispense specific beers. European keg taps comes in the S system and is 1/4 longer than US keg taps. European keg taps with dispense Amstel, Amstel Light, Beck's, Beck's Premier Light, Belhaven 80 Shilling, Belhaven Best, Belhaven Best Extra Cold, Belhaven St. Andrews Ale, Belle-Vue, Bemish, Cantillon Rose (Belgium), De Koninck Ale (Belgium), Delirium Tremens (Belgium), Dortmunder Union, Double Diamond, Erdinger Hefetrub Weisse, Hahn, Heineken, John Courage, Lindeman's Framboise, Lindeman's Peche, Lion Nathan, Lowenbrau (import), Maredsous Abbey Ale (Belgium), Marston's Pedigree, McEwan's, Moretti Italian Pilsner, Murphy's Irish Red, Murphy's Irish Stout, Newcastle, Pilsner Urquell, Piraat Ale, Scottish Tennents, St. Pauli Girl, Stella Artois, Strongbow Cider, Tetley's, Toohey's, Tucher, Van Steenberge, Woodpecker Cider, Young's, Young's Chocolate Stout, Young's Oatmeal Stout, Young's Ram Rod Bitter, and Young's Special London Ale.

European keg taps for sale

I'll list the best places to buy European keg taps for sale. Current prices for keg taps for sale might change. You can shop around to compare prices at each place. These places have good reputations for buying keg taps and other kegerator parts online. It will be hard to find better prices online than at these places I've listed below. They usually contain the best prices for kegerator parts online.

Ebay - Ebay is one of the best places to buy European keg taps for sale. Like most products on their site the European keg tap is goes for a low price. Prices for the european keg tap can go from $27-$35 on their site. Features the S system and will dispense popular brews like Murhpy's, Heineken, Beck's, and Amstel.

Amazon - Another great place to buy European keg taps for sale. Prices currently going for a decent price at $35. Features durable hard nickel plating. Currently the cheapest European keg tap for $27 only is sold out.

Beverage Factory - I personally think this is best place to buy kegerator parts for sale online. They have all the accessories, conversion kits, and kegerators needed for draft beer that goes for low prices. European keg taps for sale are at a 5% discount. Current price going for $30.35.

Keg works - Another great kegerator site to by couplers and other kegerator parts. Current price going for $34.95. They also have kegerator conversion kits featuring the european sankey keg coupler on their site. The keg tap will fit most popular European beers.