Eurovision 2011 is fast approaching and being held on 14th May 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany this year. Over the weekend the BBC announced that the band Blue will be performing this years entry for the UK.

Eurovision 2011 - Blue performing for the UK

Blue formed back in 2000 and had great success with two Brit Awards, 40 number one singles and over 13 million album sales. The band members decided to call a halt to Blue in 2005 while the members started on their own projects. Duncan James has had the highest profile out of all the band members with great success in the West End and numerous TV shows for both the BBC and Sky Television.

Blue - I Can

The BBC also announced that it will be broadcasting a documentary following the recording of the new single to be shown in April.
Some might see Blue's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest as a bit of a gamble, but it's a gamble that gives the UK the best chance in many years due to the bands following throughout Europe.

Eurovision 2011 - The history

Eurovision started off as a very small TV event in 1956 broadcasting from Switzerland. In those days just seven countries took place to win the Eurovision crown, but this has now grown to 43. Eurovision is such a big TV event these days that they have a series of semi-finals to reduce the length of the broadcast on finals night.

There has been some pretty impressive names appearing in Eurovision over the years which include:-

Sir Cliff Richard
Celine Dion
Olivia Newton-John and
Julio Iglesias

Many other acts have taken place over the years with some never being seen again.

Eurovision today - the worlds biggest TV event each year

Each year 125 million viewers now tune into the Eurovision Song Contest and the ratings seem to get better each year. The number of countries entering the contest has grown over recent years due to the expanding EU and inclusion of Eastern Block countries.

Over the years most countries dream of winning the contest, but not the broadcasters. The show is hosted in the previous winners country each year and is extremely expensive to host, so broadcasters dread winning two years in a run.

This year's contest should get some fresh viewers with pop band Blue performing for the UK and makes the future of Eurovision look certain to continue.