music (17772)If live outside of the old continent, you might not have heard about the Eurovision song contest. Unlike other singing competition like X factor, American Idol etc, the Eurovision song contest has been around for a while and it is still going strong. Like most song contests, it has had its share of scandals, favoritism and vote rigging.

The Eurovision song contest started in the fifty's and has stood the test of time. Most countries in Europe, North Africa and Part of the Middle East participate in the competition. Would you say that the competition is a catalyst to greater things, like the American Idol of today? No it has not been the case for most participants and winners. There have only been two notable winners who have gone on to have a noteworthy career in music. The first is the group ABBA and the second is Celine Dion. Most winners just fizzled away after the contest. Does it mean that they were not good enough? Yes! If you ever sat through a broadcast of the Eurovision song Contest, you will be wondering what was actually going on. You would ask yourself who actually chose that song for the Eurovision contest? Some years back, the United Kingdom had an entry with the duo called Jemini. This actually took place about 7 years ago in 2003. They scored zero points and led the pack from behind. They said they had technical difficulties that is why they didn't score any points. To understand this, the Eurovision is based on points. After the singing and the festivies are over, each country is allowed to award points based on the performance of each every country entry. The more countries that like your song, the more points you score. If the case of Jemini, they scored zero points. That shows you that nobody was impressed. You could watch the performance here and judge for yourself

The Jemini entry was so infamous I could still remember it. You should also ask yourself, is that the best a country like the UK could do? You would think that the country that gave us The Beatles, Oasis, Simply Red Soul II Soul (pronounced soul 2 soul) and many more would send a worthy entry into the Eurovision contest. Jemini was just a disaster waiting to happened and the disaster did happened with the United Kingdom scoring "Null Point". This might also imply that the Eurovision is more an excuse to show case tourism and not actual music. You would think a song contest like the Eurovision would have created an array of would famous stars. That is unfortunately not the case. That might also explain why really talented artist would rather go Busking instead of waste their time, participating in such a contest. Are you wondering what Busking is?

"Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities. People engaging in this practice are called buskers. Buskers may also be known as street performers, street musicians.." Wikipedia

If you were now to compare the Eurovision song contest to the America Idol contest what do you see?

American Idol has a different format and has been directed to appeal those who want to be instantly famous. It was made to be entertaining and to make the producers very rich. Unlike Eurovision song contest, anyone could turn up and get a chance at 3 minutes of fame. What makes it sad and appealing at the same time are the terrible singers and the timely putdowns that Simon Cowell dishes out. Some have felt that Simon Crushed their dreams. The point was that they had no dreams to begin with.

Those who have gone on to win American Idols are now very famous and wealthy rich. That cannot be said of those who won the Eurovision song contest. If the organizers of the Eurovision Song contest were to take a hint from the American Idol format, they might get better sponsoring and make the show more entertaining.

Another problem with the Eurovision Song Contest that American Idol doesn't have to contend with is multilingual issue. On American Idol, you must sing in English. Sing in Spanish wouldn't even cut it. It is English or Nothing. Most of the voters probably don't understand anything apart from English. If you want them to vote for you, you need to make sure they understand. Singing in Spanish or French or Italian might sound sexy but remember this is America or United States. Can you believe that you could also sing in a fictitious language on the Eurovision song contest? It you were to try that on American idol, you would get one of those reactions that would let you know you are on the wrong planet. This is not Avatar! You might even get people yell at you, "speak English or get off the stage".

Music is not what it used to be. Once upon a time you have to be actually talented in order to make in the music business. You either need to have a good voice and play an instrument. You also need to have a good manager with connections in the music industry. If was about the music and artist just wanted to get their music out there. If you look at older artists or musicians, most didn't care about the contracts they signed because they were more into the music. Most of them ended up with crazy contracts that they couldn't get away from. They basically signed their soul to the devil. Most didn't understand that music at the end of the day is about business. When they finally woke up from their musical dreams, they couldn't stay nor could they leave. It was a make or break situation. That is how some musicians of the past lost their voice and disappeared into oblivion. That has subsequently changed and music is all about money. The currently "one song wonder" musicians live for the moment. You make a record and you live for now because their might never be a repeat broadcast. That is the format American Idol capitalized on and it works.