As an internet marketing whiz, entrepreneur, or a social media addict, there are loads of tactics to study when it comes to measuring up to competitor's websites. Because the industry is so large, it seems as if there are new marketing tools and websites that become available for promoting online businesses and improving a website's online visibility. Webmasters and internet business owners are using search engine marketing and optimization techniques and a variety of other social media campaigns to improve their rankings, so it's vital to keep track of which campaigns work best to properly gauge how a certain website is prospering on the Web.
Here are some tips on evaluating your competing pages.

  • Get some general information about each competitor, like statistics about their unique visitors each month, how long the website has been alive, how many inbound links they acquire, their page rank and any social media tactics and websites they use. Excel sheets and online document are helpful for organizing this data.
  • is another helpful research tool for comparing general website data, such as Alexa rank, domain age and inbound links. There is also a feature to get the details of each inbound link and where it is coming from, which is best for determining if the competitors are receiving legitimate links. This feature also shows which pages are being indexed by Google and other popular search engines, what their page rank is and the last cache date, or in other words, the last time that Google crawled the website. SEOQuake is useful when comparing website's social media presence by inspecting how the competitor's is fairing on websites like Delicious and Digg.
  • Lastly, compare the traffic of the websites. A popular and free resource is, where a user can compare up to five different websites to look into visitors and monthly traffic trends for each month and year, collectively. This website shows how far ahead or behind competitors are in terms of site traffic.

If you have more questions contact a company providing search engine marketing in San Diego, CA. It's important to be aware when it comes to examining a website to its competitors and to learn how to properly gauge customer trends and how to improve the credibility and usability of a site.