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With the free version of Formidable Pro, you have a limited set of form building options, but you can still evaluate the product before you buy. The trial version still allows you to have simple forms, like customer comments, that are easier to implement than with standard WordPress.

The limitations, and advanced options available in the premium version of Formidable Pro, will likely convince you to upgrade your license very quickly.

The trial version of Formidable Pro includes a few useful form building features. With it, you can have the following on a simple form:
Single Line Text - obtain a customer name, email address, phone number, etc.
Paragraph Text - obtain a block of comments from a customer, their opinions, questions, etc.
Checkboxes - obtain visitor preferences or answers to questions like "Which pets do you have, cat, dog, both?"
Radio Buttons - obtain a single answer to a multiple choice question, "Male/Female", "Married/Single", etc.
Dropdown - obtain a selection from a list, such as a visitor's home state.
reCAPTCHA - enforce spam protection by ensuring that robots cannot submit forms.

To use these trial features, you first build a new Formidable Pro form. In this example, a
"Contact Us" form is started:

Formidable Pro FormCredit: javrsmith

This image is taken from a site with the premium version installed so more options will show than what are available in the trial version.

Formidable Pro Trial Form 1Credit: javrsmith

Enter the title. Click on the "Single Line Text" to add a new "Customer Name" field.

Formidable Pro Form 2Credit: javrsmith

Add another "Single Line Text" field for the email address.
Add a "Paragraph Text" field for comments.
Add a "Checkbox" for order status.
Add a "Radio Button" for gender.
Add a "Dropdown" for attitude.
Add a reCAPTCHA for spam control.

The form can be built as shown:

Formidable Pro 3Credit: javrsmith

With the Formidable Pro trial version, your form can only send email responses directly. Enter your email address in the "Settings" section. The responses are also stored in the WordPress database but you will have to use your control panel mySQL or phpMyAdmin tools to access field values.

Setting Fields as Mandatory
Any field can be designated as mandatory, forcing visitors to enter a value. Click on the small star symbol shown in front of a field label.

Formidable Pro 4Credit: javrsmith

Using The Form
To use your new form, build a new page or post. Formidable Pro supports short codes. For the
"Contact Us!" form, the shortcode is here:

Formidab Pro ShortcodeCredit: javrsmith

Within the body of your page or post, enter the shortcode "[formidable id=19]". When WordPress processes your content, your form will be substituted for the shortcode. You can put your form at the top, middle, or anywhere else on the page. You can also put multiple forms on the same page but they cannot overlap.

Evaluating Formidable Pro Trial Version
The Formidable Pro trial version is quick and easy to use. It comes with quite an extensive set of features. It will accept multiple forms of visitor input. The limitations are mainly with the use of entries. Entered values cannot be edited, displayed in a form, or used for further processing. You also do not get access to the add-ons such as PayPal payment support, autoresponder integration, and user registration. Some sites will find that the trial version is all they need, but the premium version is an excellent upgrade to consider.

Support for Trial Version
The trial version is essentially unsupported. The developers will respond to bug reports but they will not provide any instruction on how to use the tool. Purchasers of the upgrade will receive full assistance for bugs and for tips on how to accomplish advanced data handling.


Video Demo of Formidable Pro

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