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If you don’t like to get soaked, wet feet when walking in the rain or snow, then the New Balance waterproof walking shoes for women is the best choice for you. This brand of walking shoes has long been recognized for its quality and affordability and they have always offered the best walking shoes in the market. Listed below are some of the walking shoes that New Balance offers the public. Let’s see how these walking shoes appeal to women.

The range of New Balance waterproof walking shoes for women is a proof that although New Balance’s range of women shoes is limited, they do not disappoint especially when it comes to performance and quality. In fact, if you have any plans of dealing with menopausal weight gain, these kinds of shoes are exactly just what you need.

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It won’t be hard for you to notice how New Balance waterproof walking shoes for women puts emphasis on durability and comfort each time you use it.  Each walking shoe is equipped with a Walking Strike Path feature which aids in one’s stability with each step she takes.

Aside from that, it is also waterproof. If you love walking outdoors or if you work outdoors, waterproof shoes and footwear are a very important part of your everyday outfit. It is important to use a shoe that will not only keep your feet dry but comfortable as well. This is why investing on a good pair of waterproof shoes such as the New Balance waterproof walking shoes for women is a practical and smart choice. Not only will your feet thank you for it, but you can also enjoy walking through sloppy puddles to your heart’s content.

Below is a list of my choice of New Balance waterproof walking shoes for women. Try checking them out and see if they meet your needs in a walking shoe.

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•             NEW BALANCEWW 760—this walking shoe is fashioned as a cross between a walking shoe and a running shoe. Although it doesn’t weigh as heavy as most running shoes do, it still offers the cushioning and motion control needed for a smooth walking experience. Aside from that, this shoe is equipped with N-ERGY—New Balance’s latest technology made for extra heel cushioning and better shock absorption. If you are on the lookout for a lightweight shoe that does not compromise the elements of safety and comfort found in a heavy walking shoe, then this is a good choice.

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•             NEW BALANCE WW575—even though this walking shoe is lacking some of the features of the 760 (cushioning and support); it is still a good lightweight option over a heavier walking shoe.  The New Balance 575 is a low-budget shoe but it still does its work well. If you are low on the budget but want a good waterproof walking shoe, then this one is for you.

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•             NEW BALANCE WW 955—this low-cut, outdoor shoe is furnished with a Gore-Tex® lining that gives maximum protection to the shoes even on rainstorms and snows. It offers exceptional shock absorption in the heel and forefoot by its “Abzorb” feature. It also has a Stop Rock® feature embedded in the forefoot which will help protect your feet from debris and sharp rocks.

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•             NEW BALANCE WW 965—this stylish beige walking shoe is made for walking on rugged terrains. It is equipped with a “stability web” that gives support to the under-arch while its “Abzorb” feature offers shock absorption to the heel and forefoot. You don’t have to worry about damaging your shoe every time you go out in wet weather, with the New Balance WW 965 since it is made with waterproof leather.

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•             NEW BALANCE WW 977GT—this waterproof walking shoe was designed for the adventurous woman who loves the outdoors. Its Gore-Tex® lining is guaranteed to be waterproof. Just like the 965, it also has an “Abzorb” Heel and Forefoot feature that provides top-notch shock absorption. It has a Rock Stop underfoot feature that protects your feet against rocks and debris. Surprisingly, for the awesome features it packs, the shoe itself is lightweight.

With a waterproof shoe, you can go anywhere in the rain without fear of getting your feet wet and acquiring fungal diseases.  If you have to get a pair of these, always be sure to check its features. Check for quality. Though waterproof shoes are expensive, they are definitely worth every penny you spend on them. But, how do you spot a good quality walking shoe?

A lot of people frequently ask what kind of shoe would be good on them. However, it is hard to give an exact recommendation since every foot is different and people have also had different preferences when it comes to shoes.  But, there are a few handy tips when it comes to choosing walking shoes:

1.            FLEXIBLE—is the shoe flexible enough for you to bend and twist? Does your feet flex as you take a walking step?  Then this is an indication of a good walking shoe. A stiff walking shoe will be very uncomfortable on your feet while walking.

2.            FLAT HEEL—another indication of a good walking shoe should be its heel. It should be flat as most walking shoes are.

3.            THE HEEL SHOULD NOT BE FLARED—hikers and walkers walk with their heel first so, an undercut heel is recommended. Big, flared heels will only make a hiker feel uncomfortable while walking.

4.            LIGHTWEIGHT—a heavy walking shoe will only weigh down on the walker or hiker’s legs and slow him or her down while walking.

5.            ABSORBS SHOCK—walkers and hikers are always up for walking in rugged terrain and sometimes this can stress your feet. Wearing walking shoes that absorb shock from the rocks and rugged terrain will keep your feet happy.


All in all, the New Balance waterproof walking shoes for women provide your feet excellent protection from the rain that no ordinary shoe or sandals can. When it comes to athletic and walking shoes, you can never go wrong with a New Balance shoe. Not only do they look good and feel good, they also give you the best support and quality there is. And the best part of it all is that their shoes don’t give you blisters unlike most other shoes do.