Evan Emory faces serious jail time, for playing a provocative song to a class of elementary school children. he thought a self made video on an explicit song he himself wrote would be a You Tube hit. Little did he know on how harsh the consequences would be played out, not to his Cavour.

 One thing to note is that the songs implicit lyrics had no nudity, or intent, but simply provocative sexual language, the sexual lyrics was not even song to the children they were edited to only display it on the you tube channel, their is elements of deception he has said he did to the teachers purposely to grant himself this opportunity to do this prank, which i think he should be fined for and indeed he must face the consequences. He now faces charges with manufacturing and distributing child pornography, which carries a penalty of 20 years in prison and 25 years on sex offender registry at worst right now.

Whats interesting about this story is on the whole evolution of child protection laws to avoid pedophiles and predators alike. I think like everything those that are bad and good adapt, and surely sex offenders wouldn't put themselves out on the highway and do things like this man has done. I think it touches on the sensitivity, and paranoia of whats in our community and who lurks next out homes.

 In my own opinion, experience shows that your average raging loony bin, responds with anger at the kids if any of those 'good american' people are accused of being pedos. This usually ends with the child being put in a mental hospital. Also another part of the problem is we can't go by whatever one feels is reasonable punishment, we must go by the law - which is not up to date in this case. The article written by erica goode, states that the circumstances of today has changed in times and technology which does not correlate well with the current laws... Here are the excerpts from the article.

"Quotes the Article"

...With the rise of technology, said Carissa B. Hessick, an associate professor at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State and an expert on child pornography and criminal sentencing, “now we have situations where people are being arrested and charged” in connection with digitally altered images, where no child was abused

There remains much uncertainty about how the law should be applied in such cases, she said. But because most defendants take plea bargains instead of going to trial, the courts are often deprived of the opportunity to sort it out.

Mr. Tague argues that the state statute covers not only filming a child in a sexual activity but also making it appear that a child is engaging in that activity. But Ms. Hessick questioned whether the Michigan law could be applied in Mr. Emory’s case or “whether they’ve overcharged him.”

For parents it is in their right to be angry, but do you want to waste your tax payer dollars on someone going to jail for 20 years for being a douche at the highest level, and not hold reservation for someone truly fitting for such punishment for those who actually commit a heinous crime? His consequences i can understand certain jail time (possibly 6 months) and a hefty fine, but not 20 years, even that i think is to much punishment.

For all those parents out there, who focus on these subjects, what are your thoughts. People out there for your opinions what are your thoughts. Should Emory get off scots free with a slap on the wrist or faces the hammer of Thor? What do you all think of current laws, and how should changes be made to make justice more fair and reliable, do you think changes should be made to the laws at hand dealing with child issues in accordance to the law. Lets hear your stories, love to hear your comments.