There are a huge number of hybrid cats being bred and sold these days. Many of these animals are very beautiful, some have mysterious histories, and sometime owners regret the decision to buy one of these hybrids. However, that doesn't change the fact that they are really pretty, a tad exciting, and can spark desire into many hearts. The idea of owning an animal that is more wild than the domestic cat, but said to have the personality of a friendly feline sounds good. Even so, there is a lot of controversy over the issue. You can find out about some of the most popular hybrid cats or you can learn about a number of other hybrid cats in these two articles that came before this one. 


The toyger is a breed that is being developed using the bengal cat, which is a hybrid between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. It features tiger stripes and there are a lot of goals to make this animal resemble a toy tiger in the coming years. About 25 breeders around the world are working with the breed. Goals are to lighten its belly, make it have smaller eyes, small rounded ears, a wider nose, and a shorter chin so that it looks as much like a tiger as possible, just cat size. They also want it to have a personality that is friendly and worth keeping around.  

The Toyger


There is some conflicting information as to whether or not the pixie bob (or pixie-bob) is indeed a hybrid or a carefully designed domestic breed. Many report that they are a natural (not produced by man) hybrid between the Red Coastal Bobcat and a domestic cat that was discovered in the Northwest. This is one of the rare cases where some DNA markers have been shown that they may indeed be related to the bobcat. However, there is doubt that many of the cats with actual bobcat DNA have been used in breeding programs. In any case, they have a wild look with a spotted coat and a short naturally occurring bob tail.  

Beautiful Pixie-Bob

Beautiful Pixie-Bob
Credit: Nathalie Bent, Angie1900, Wikipedia, CC BY SA


The jungle bob is a hybrid cat made from crossing a pixie bob and a chausie. This cross then contains the wild blood of the bobcat (if pixie bobs really are part bob cat) and the jungle cat from the chausie. The result should be a wild looking animal. The cats may also be crossed with the jungle cat, the pixiebob, chausie, bengal, highland lynx, desert lynx, snow bob, American bobtail, Maine coon, Siberian, and savannah.  

Jungle-Bob Kittens


Pantherette is a trademarked name belonging to the Bamboo Caterry and the founders (Mike and Marie Bloodgood). The breed is in development and contains black bengal cats (melanistic bengals) as part of the foundation. They are in no way just renaming the black bengals and out crosses are made to develop a well muscled, black cat that has the look of a miniature panther. Some out crossing that may end up in this breed is out crossing with the Smoke Mojave Desert Cats.  

Black Bengal - Not a Pantherette, But Where the Idea Came From

Mohave Spotted Cat

The Mojave desert cat was a feral cat that was found in the 80's. The cat was lost in the wild, but has been retained by some breeders. The Mojave desert cat may or may not be a hybrid of domestic cats and the bobcat, but all populations were feral and even kittens raised in captivity were wild. To create the Mojave spotted cats the original Mojave desert cats have been out crossed to other breeds including the Bengal (a domestic/Asian leopard cat hybrid), abyssinian, other Mojave desert cat variants, and some polydactyl cats.  

Cats with Lynx in Their Name

There are a number of cats with lynx in their name. They include the American lynx, desert lynx, alpine lynx, and highland lynx. Each of these cats has a wild look that is similar to bob cats and in each case it is claimed that they are bobcat hybrids. However, DNA testing has been done and in each case it doesn't appear that the cats are indeed related to the bobcat at all. 

Desert Lynx

American Bobtail

The American bobtail is said to be a cross between a domestic cat and a bobcat. However, many scientists don't think that this is likely and feel that the unusual tail is likely to be a dominant Manx gene. There has even been some genetic testing and none of the markers match making any relation, even a distant one extremely unlikely.  

American Bobtails

Jaguarundi Curl

The Jaguarundi curl is a hybrid created to look like the Jaguarundis (felis yaguarondi), a wild cat native to Central and South America. It is created by breeding a Highland Lynx and a the munchkin or another dwarf cat. The goal is for a short legged, long tailed, wild cat look similar to the Jaguarundis wild cat. The highland lynx is disputed as a hybrid cat.  

The Jaguarundi - Not Actually Part of the Breed, but the Inspiration for the Breed


There isn't very much information out there about any oncicat. It is a proposed name for a domestic cat crossed with an oncillia or the little spotted cat (also called a tiger cat). There are no known oncicats produced, but you can buy lots of oncicat merchandise on Cafe Press and Amazon.  

Chausie Hybrids

There are a number of other chausie hybrids, but in many cases there just aren't very much information about them. One is called the Afro-Chausie. This hybrid takes a chausie (a hybrid of a jungle cat with a domestic cat) and mixes it with an African wildcat. The Euro-Chausie is a chausie bred with a euroean wildcat. The Scottie-Chausie is the chausie cat bred with the Scottish wildcat.  


There are several breeders that either have mentioned working with other crosses or who are in the beginning stages. Potential crosses included a domestic cat with a black footed cat, a rusty spotted cat, a bobcat, a Canadian Lynx, and or a Pallas cat. The mandalan jaguar is another one that is said to be a combination between a domestic cat and a jaguarundi.  

There is no doubt about it, these animals are beautiful. If you want to find out more you can check out the first hybrid cats article or the second hybrid cats article. If you want to jump out there and buy yourself a hybrid cat you should check out the controversy behind the breeding of hybrid cats before making a final decision. If you like the wild look, but don't want wild cat blood in the mix then you should check out wild looking domestic cats

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