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Uneven skin tone is one of the most common skin problems. Although most of the time you can hide these imperfections, it is still comforting to know that you can wear sleeveless blouses or a bikini bottom without being self-conscious. This is actually not a major issue since today’s advancements can offer different types of treatments to resolve this problem. However, most of these treatments are a bit expensive. But, don’t worry. You can also rely on natural remedies, but it may take some time. So, here is a list of natural skin lightening remedies you can use. 


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Known as an effective home remedy for acne, lemon juice is also considered as one of the most effective natural skin lightening remediesHowever, you can’t expect fast results when using this remedy mainly because it is not fully absorbed by your body when you apply it topically. Thus, it cannot disrupt your body's melanin production. Nonetheless, due to its acidic pH, it can help exfoliate or peel the dark layers of your skin.

Keep in mind that lemon's acidic nature can trigger sensitivity reaction. For this reason, one should avoid prolonged or direct sun exposure while using this natural skin lightening remedy. If you need to go out, you should always apply a sun block or use an umbrella to shield the sun's damaging rays. 

Lastly, you should immediately stop using this product if you experience any negative reactions, such as itching, skin irritation, and burning sensation. If these side-effects does not subside, you should seek medical attention.



In today’s market, you can see a lot of whitening soaps, creams, and lotions that are made of papaya, especially in tropical countries.

Truth be told, papaya actually has the potential to lighten your skin tone. This is because of its “papain,” an enzyme that can break down proteins. So, it can either dissolve or exfoliate dead skin cells. Thus, revealing a new healthy layer of skin cells.

One important reminder is that this tropical fruit has latex contents. For this reason, people with sensitivity or allergies  to latex or rubber should avoid using this natural remedy or other personal care products that contain this specific ingredient. 


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Another ancient yet popular natural skin lightening remedy is milk. The use of this remedy can actually be dated back during the years of Cleopatra’s reign. Up until today, you can see dozens of personal care products that contain milk as their active ingredient. So, how does milk lightens your skin tone?

Like lemon, milk exfoliate dark layers of your skin but in a gentler way. However, this remedy is quite expensive. For that reason, you can either dilute the milk in water or mix it with other skin whitening agents.

It is actually recommended to mix lemon and milk  for best results. Basically, milk softens your skin. Once this occurs, lemon juice can easily penetrate into your skin’s top layer - increasing its efficacy. Aside from that, milk also reduces lemon’s abrasive nature. By combining these two natural products, you can lessen irritation and the other undesirable effects of lemon. 


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Cucumber is not only famous for revitalizing puffy eyes. As numerous researches have shown, it also has various benefits for your skin.

As of today, it is substantially considered as an effective natural remedy to lighten your skin tone because of its silica contents.

As you know, silica is commonly found in different whitening products. This is mainly due to its ability to strengthen your connective tissue and lighten skin pigmentation.  So, instead of buying these synthetic products, you can opt for fresh cucumbers instead.

Remember, this natural skin lightening product is not only economical. It also has other health benefits such as its antioxidant effects. Lastly, cucumber has the same pH as your skin. Hence, the chances of developing skin irritations are low.


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As you can see, there are a lot of natural skin lightening remedies you can use for uneven complexion. These remedies are not only affordable but also effective with long-term use and consistency.

Always remember, when using remedies that exfoliates your skin, avoid using it on a daily basis. This will only lead to damage and irritation. Furthermore, you also have to use moisturizers when using these products. This is imperative if you're using remedies with acidic pH. You ca use honey or aloe vera as a natural moisturizer to avoid skin dryness and irritation. Lastly, if you developed any sensitivity reaction, you should stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist.

When searching for other natural products, you should opt for home remedies that have substantial data for its efficacy and safety. This will guarantee that your skin is safe from any adverse or sensitivity reactions.

With that  being said, if you're having problems with dark skin areas or spots, you don’t have to pay much. You just have to find the right remedy well suited for you. You may consider research as a tedious task, but its all worth it.

If you're interested in learning more about other natural remedies for your skin, this article entitled "Natural Anti-aging Remedies for a Younger Looking Skin" may shed more information. 

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