The hanging car door seal

If this looks familiar, with this floppy rubber thing hanging down from your door frame, and you're tired of catching your hair, hat, head, arm, or jacket on it, there is hope. Rather than just ripping it out, you too can replace it with a new one.

First of all, your car needs these door seals. They help to keep your cars inside dry, quiet, and secure. Without them, you get wind, water, dirt, noise, and rattling. Try driving through a car wash sometime without them ( better take your raincoat! ). Getting moisture inside your vehicle or the trunk isn't what you want, as it only leads to wet seats, wet mats, wet carpet, and wet "stuff"! They also keep door parts from rubbing against one another, which makes noise, and wears them down. Both are not good!

Your vehicle has these seals, or weather stripping, lots of places - around your doors, your windows, your trunk, your sun or moon roof, your head and tail lights, and sometimes even your hood. All serve the same purpose and all are a must-have for your vehicle.

With all of the internet stores out there now, it's a snap to log on and find the weather stripping for your particular vehicle. These are surprisingly inexpensive for the do-it-yourselfers, and fairly simple to replace. Depending on the seal and your vehicle make and model, most of these stores can hook you up with some easy-to-understand instructions. For sure, before you go ripping out that old beat up worn out hanging door seal, make sure you have some instructions for putting a new one in its place!!

Finding the right door seals and gaskets used to be so complicated, most folks just sold or junked the car when they started hanging. Before the webstore, your only true shot was probably a dealer, and you paid a huge premium and it took months to get it. And even then, it probably was the wrong one or didn't fit. Even the parts houses didn't stock many variations. With the auto parts websites available to everyone today, you can easily click around and find the exact car door seal to fit your vehicle. And you will probably have it at your house tomorrow! And the weather stripping problem will very likely be resolved by the end of the week! It just doesn't get any simpler than that!