Evening primrose oil (EPO) can be a solution for acne. Evening primrose oil is well known to many females and also common ailments for most female health problem. Other than Acne, Evening primrose oil maybe is the solution for Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Asthma, others Skin Problems/Allergies, Pimples, Pregnancy and Allergies. As you can see that most of the problem are listed above are related to hormone which commonly causes most women worries.

Today we will talk more about Evening primrose oil for acne first. We often heard that women faced acne outbreaks during their menstrual and during or after pregnancy. The main cause of acne is due to high level of androgens in women. One commonly used method for curing acne is Evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose oil contains two main ingredients. They are gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and essential fatty acids which help in hormonal processing. Therefore, it helps in acne. Moreover, it is anti-inflammatory where it explains why it is good for the skin.

One advantage of Evening Primrose Oil is it keeps the skin moisturizes and become smoother and soft.

Talking about acne, there are different kinds of acne. They can be categories into 2 types. One is non inflammatory and inflammatory and we shall see how Evening Primrose Oil helps to prevent and improves the acne problem.

Non inflammatory are usually refer to blackheads and whiteheads and inflammatory refer to Papule and Pustule. Inflammatory, are more serious kind of acne where non-inflammatory are less serious. Most of the time, you can find more blackheads and whiteheads on the face rather than body. Where by Papule and Pustule occur more areas such as face, body or neck.

Blackhead will mean that our skins are partially blocked by substances such as oil etc. It happens when our skin pores is expose. Blackhead does not really pop out, it stays longer in the skin before it is visible to us. Therefore, it evolves into whiteheads after the pores are closed and that means the pores it is fully blocked. Hence, some time you might notice some white spot on the face, which is whitehead.

Understand that many acne victims will try to squeeze it out, otherwise it takes ages to heel and it does look uncomfortable with them on the face, I understand.
However, squeezing them does not help; it will make them more serious due to the incorrect method. It will cause the acne to flare up even more, and it might leave a ugly scare on your face.

Stop squeezing!! Try Evening Primrose Oil. It might be your best solution for acne. Evening Primrose Oil can be used by 2 ways. One is capsule (orally) and another by applying the oil to the skin. Or, you may break the capsule and apply the oil on it, it will reduce the inflammation and redness of the acne and also smoothen your skin overall. It also helps in clearing of pores as well; with this Evening Primrose Oil helps to prevent the whiteheads and blackheads.

Suggest that breaking the capsule and apply the oil on the skin is good to consult a doctor. Although many online source suggest this method, but is good to consult a doctor before acting.

In conclusion, there are may benefits/advantages for Evening Primrose Oil. Other than adjusting of hormones related areas such as pimples, acne reduces the pain during PMS. It does helps allow in the skin area. We have focus two area in this thread which is the pimples and acne. However, more benefits of Evening Primrose Oil in many other skin problems like curing eczema, clearing of pores, repairing of dry skin and as well as removing of winkles and other skin allergy.

Eczema may occur it may due to individual body is unable to convert fats into gamma-linolenic acid(GLA), Therefore by comsuing the Evening Primrose Oil that contain GLA is likely resolve the problem.

However, EPO is famous for skin; it is not integrated in any skin product yet.
So try Evening Primrose Oil today and experience it yourself.