In the previous post we focus on Evening Primrose oil for acne. In this post, we will talk about Evening Primrose Oil for Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is also known as premenstrual tension too. Some common premenstrual syndromes are:

1. Breast tenderness/swelling,

2. Mood Swing, Depression/stress,

3. Acne,

4. Stomach bloated or cramps

5. Unexpected pains

Evening Primrose oil has the ability of reducing the discomforts of PMS. It is not an either or option for most women but it often is a combination of the syndromes for them.

During these periods many women feel very uncomfortable especially during the night, they might be unable to sleep due to the stomach cramp or discomfort due to the bloated stomach. In the day time, they might get distracted due to the cramp.

As stated above:

First Evening Primrose Oil minimized breast swollen for women during PMS. Some women experience some discomfort pain at the Breast area, it is actually swellness that causes the pain. It is very normal for most women to experience it. Hence, with EPO, it lessens the pain due to less swollen.

Secondly, during PMS, most ladies tend to lose temper or get frustrated easily over with anything under the sun. I am sure you are experiencing it in either way. Not to worry, Evening Primrose Oil can somehow have a control of the mood swing for ladies. It calms the tension and the impulsive down at the point of time. Moreover, Evening Primrose Oil helps to manage stress and depression during PMS. Therefore, when a woman is experiencing a PMS cycle, they may get stress up easily and they have more negatively thoughts than their normal self. Eventually, the supplement have this miracle effects of minimized the big changes in the emotional reaction for female.

Thirdly we have mostly covered the acne portion on the previous post. I will touch a little bit here. Due to the instability of hormone, some females faced outbreak of pimples/acne during PMS. In the previous post, we mentioned that Evening Primrose Oil cures the acne problem in worsen the popping and the seriousness of the acne.

Fourth, during PMS many female also experience water retention, which they will feel much heavily in weight. This may cause by two problems, one is Breast swelling and Stomach bloated due to water retention. Most ladies will experience some stomach cramps as well. Nevertheless, Evening Primrose Oil can also reduce such the cramps of pain.

Lastly, I will touch on other pain during PMS. Beside some pain symptoms mention above. Some ladies may face pain at their lower back. In another words, all these pains that PMS cause will be decrease or minimized to the lowest if you consume Evening Primrose Oil. As during this cycle, the GLA in females during PMS are minimal, and with the help of the supplement that contain GLA, it will be increase the GLA naturally. Therefore, it has that ability to reduce all this pains and allow the ladies to feel less discomfort; more or less it improves the tantrums of one female that is undergoing PMS cycle.

Consuming Evening Primrose Oil for PMS, you will experience the miracle fast effects.