Organising a large event can be a daunting task with many things to think about and organise but one thing you do not want to forget is to take out adequate event insurance coverage. Many things are outside your control and can cause an event to be postponed or even canceled at great cost. You must make sure that you can recover the cost to allow you to stage the event at a later date.

Your event could be disrupted by:

* fire to the venue or bad weather both of which may prevent the venue from being used
* industrial action that may prevent participant reaching the venue
* threat of a terrorist attack that may prevent travel in the vicinity of the event or prevent people from getting to the venue
* injury to guests at the venue
* equipment necessary for the event being stolen, either during transportation to, or at, the venue
* a disease outbreak like Bird Flu or Foot and Mouth

All the above problems may bring about canceling the event which could cause monetary loss. The correct event insurance cover will adequately cover these occurrences and possibly many others. Insurance plans can be custom-made to your requirements and could also provide cover should a performer or key speaker not being able to be present, as a result of ill health etc.

If you are a small business you will, more than likely, already have a commercial liability policy but insurance cover will often not extend to venues that are not your usual place of business. In this case you will need separate event insurance coverage. You must have insurance to cover employees and any temporary personnel taken on specially for this event.

A further problem that could happen is injury to a guest or employee which results in a legal proceedings against the event organiser.

Property Insurance Coverage

You might need to insure property, while at the event and while being taken to and from the site. You may have to include computers and electrical equipment or other things which may depend on the nature of the event. This may include catering equipment or antiques. Cover should be for accidental damage or fire at both the venue and in transit.

Expenses Coverage

Costs might be incurred due to postponement or cancellation of the event from any of the above mentioned causes.

In Conclusion

A large event can be very costly and you must ensure you have adequate cover in case unexpected problems occur that result in extra expenses. Always make sure you consider how much cover you need and find out the best insurance coverage for your event using the guidelines we have detailed here.