Event management consideration: protecting your guests and customers

Guide on how to manage an important event

Event management is a high pressure job suited only for very organized and thick skinned individuals who thrive under pressure. The most important part of event management, but often overlooked due to the many other things that need to be considered, is event management security.

The aspect that must be considered for event management security include, but is not limited to security for organizers, delegates, sponsors, audience against the many unforeseen events that may occur. The better contingency plans that are put in place the less likely the chances are for having an unfortunate event, and should one happen the better prepared you will be to minimize damage or loss and control the situation

Specific Event Management Security Risks

There are numerous security risks that can occur.  Some of these include:

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

As one of the most damaging and dangerous things that can occur at an event where there are many people, fire prevention and fire fighting needs to be an integral part of event planning.

Planning and Prevention

The first thing that should be looked at is whether or not the premises meet all local fire regulations, and has an up-to-date fire certification. This will make the event planners job far easier and give some peace of mind. It should, however, not be taken for granted that this should be the only preventative measure.  Look at the specific event risks i.e. outdoor barbequing or cooking, outdoor electrical requirements etc. and adjust for a higher risk event by having an on call fire truck at the event or ensuring adequate training for event staff. It is also a good idea to alert the local fire department of a big event and ensure they know the location of the event.

Fire Fighting                                   

In the event of a fire starting, the sooner action is taken the better so make certain that fire extinguishers are close by and the correct fire extinguisher is used on the correct fire.  Call the fire department immediately even if the fire is extinguished before they arrive as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Medical Emergencies

This is another extremely important aspect to consider as medical emergencies are so varied and can happen so quickly.  A plan must be put in place for emergency medical response.

If possible, have all event staff trained for first aid and especially for CPR training. Have a dedicated ambulance at the premises with paramedics or doctors on call. If the target audience is elderly or higher risk individuals, make sure that extra medical equipment like oxygen is on hand.

Often medical event management security can be expensive, but the best possible contingencies should be on hand as a medical disaster could completely ruin any event financially.

This highlights the point that the best event management security planning is financial planning and inherent risk management. In the case of a medical emergency, planning a rock concert and a sporting event will have different medical risks and should therefore be planned differently.

There are many other security risks such as theft, brawls, accidents etc. and all of these will need to be planned differently and contingencies put into place. The reality though is that, should a security issue occur, the action taken will be dependent on the competence of the event supervisor, emergency relief team, and security staff. So, although planning is of utmost importance, having the right people is a must in effective event management security.