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The list of event marketing companies has been growing ever since the world shifted its focus on capitalism.  The main reason for this is that with capitalism, proper branding and marketing have been the main key points to a company’s success. Without proper marketing, the company might as well be invisible to the public’s eye.

It is important for companies, especially the up-and-coming ones, to have their own list of event marketing companies, which they could rely on to promote their brand and introduce the company to the world. Besides, behind every great brand is a very effective marketing company.

Defining Event Marketing

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Before acquiring a go-to list of event marketing companies, proper background knowledge must be acquired as to the relevance of event marketing. Event marketing involves promoting products or services of certain brand by hosting or sponsoring various events such as concerts, sporting events and competitions, exhibits, and more. Participating in these events gives the company a big boost by getting the opportunity by establishing good public relations with their possible target market and introduces them to a new audience who may not have even heard of them. These public events could also be the brand’s testing ground of effectiveness by garnering immediate attention and sparking curiosity among the attendees of the event.

The main purpose for such events is to make the company or brand as visible as possible to the public’s eye, which in turn elevates the company’s probably success. It’s not enough to merely advertise randomly through print media or in TV and radio, what’s more important is to have a direct consumer interaction to the target audience and to arouse curiosity even with the people outside of the target audience. By targeting a specific audience, event marketing helps the company to gain a competitive advantage in the market because of knowing which products or services a certain target market needs. Event marketing is all about establishing a sphere of influence by knowing what works best for your target market and be knowledgeable of more ways to reach and influence them.

Effective Event Marketing

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It is not enough to know that a certain marketing company excels in what they do. Your list of event marketing companies has their own respective specializations, and it is imperative to know which kind of event marketing your company needs the most.

However, no matter what kind of event marketing specialization your company may need, an event marketing company and the people behind it must be at an above average rank with qualities such as: negotiating skills, creative skills, convincing skills, coordinating skills, planning skills, and executing and implementing skills. All these traits compose the secret to a having a successful events marketing program. In the world of competitive marketing and branding, it is important that your company possess the best secret weapon and that is the marketing company you hire. Optimum communication skills, as well as the ability to look into the minutest details of the project without losing sight of the big picture, almost always guarantees an optimum level of implementation and success.

Types of Event Marketing

There are several types of event marketing and more than type may be used for proper marketing initiative implementation for a company. In a list of event marketing companies, not all companies offer the same kind of services; therefore, more than one event marketing company may be hired as well.


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Some of the most used type of events marketing: business events, charitable events, cause-related functions, concerts, festivals, live performances, meetings, government functions, seminars, workshops, conventions, conferences, sporting events, socially and culturally oriented events, marketing events, brand launches and other promotional events.

Remember that not all of these types are applicable for a certain brand, but it is important for a company to remain open-minded and welcoming of possible and new options to market their brand/s.

Leading Event Marketing Companies

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Finding the right event marketing company/companies can prove to be a little more tricky and hard than expected. Most of these companies are very good with their persuasion and presentation skills that there seems to be no marketing pitch you’d want to reject. One of the best ways to start in finding the right firm is to do background research, whether it be knowledge about the company, other companies’ comments and suggestions, and when it still does not work, a company’s president and other top officials should be able to discern by following their business instincts and gut-feel.

Usually, a big company already has a list of event marketing companies to tap. These marketing firms will then do a marketing presentation pitch in front of the top officials of the company and explain in full detail the goals, logistics, and expected outcome.

In order to provide a starting company with the who’s who, the what’s what, and the who does what of event marketing firms, the EventMarketer.com, a highly-reliable website for everything about event marketing, has created the It List wherein they feature the top 100 event marketing firms found all over the world.

This list of event marketing companies comprises of the best of the best, speaking in general terms of event marketing companies. However, it does not mean that those outside of this list are not good enough. These are the firms who happen to have a more wide scope coverage and services offered in event marketing. There are still possibly hundreds more of great event marketing firms that has their own specializations and connections as well.


With hundreds and possibly thousands of available event marketing firms all over the world, it is no wonder that a certain reliable list of event marketing companies is needed to guide and assist companies in introducing and promoting their brands to the public.

Having a long list of event marketing companies opens more options and possibilities for collaborations and projects, which its only aim is to capture and enhance the company’s sphere of influence for each and every one of their target market, and perhaps even outside of it.