Get Your Paint Brushes Ready!

Ever wanted to feel like one of the most renowned fresco painters of the Renaissance? Now you can!

In the Fresco board game (by Queen Games) you take the role of a Renaissance artist painter. The main goal is to win the race to restore the painting on the ceiling of the cathedral. At the center of the board there is a fresco that needs to be gradually uncovered by you and other players. Each time you uncover a part of the fresco you get points which decide how far you can move along the track – the more the better.

Treat Your Workers Kindly Or Risk Losing Them

Fresco Board GameEach player has a workshop and 5 workers. You get to decide when will your workers get up in the morning which affects their mood during the whole day. Treat any of your workers badly, say by paying them low wages, and they may end up leaving you short-handed. On the other hand... if you pay high wages and treat your workers well, you might just gain some extra help. Choose wisely because you need enough money to pay your workers and buy materials. You throw a dice each turn to decide who gets first to choose when the workers get up and so on. Like any game, luck come into play (this is a dice game after all) but the rest is up to you and the decisions you make.

Fresco Board Game PiecesMix Your Colors Carefully

Another aspect of the game is to mix your colors properly. In this game you need to mix primary colors to get the more complex and valuable colors. As in any great painting of the renaissance period, you will need a variety of colors to win the game.

How to Earn Money in the Fresco Game

You also must decide how to earn your money. Perhaps you will want to paint portraits for pay. The more famous the person whose portrait you paint, the more coin will end up in your pocket. Of course there aren't that many famous people to paint so you might chose to paint family portraits. You will make less per painting but be able to do many more of them. 

Make Your Move

The track is the main measure of your success – the one who gets to the finish first is the winner, so it doesn’t matter if you uncover the most of the fresco, if you have the most money or your workers are the most satisfied. Like any good board game, get across the finish first and you will be considered the winner and the greatest fresco painter in the land.

While the game appears to be quite simple on the surface, a few rolls of the dice will show you the hidden complexities. You are basically in charge of your own little business. This game is one of my favorites because you can play it over an over and each time you learn more of the intricacies.

Go ahead. Unleash the renaissance painter in yourself!

Fresco (Fresko) Board Game Review