One Fabulous System for Note Taking and Archiving Information

“I cannot live wiEvernote(56346)thout it!”  I love to hear those words from someone.  The group to which the “it” falls into does not matter too much to me.  When someone feels passion for anything, it is fun to hear about it.  I always ask for more information and clarification on their most “loved” item when I hear those words.  We all have those items about which we marvel.  “It” can fall into so many categories.  A favorite television show, appliance, iPhone application, vacation spot, organizational tool, recipe; all are possibilities.

For each category, I could name a personal “it.”   In thinking about organizational tools, Evernote, is an absolute “it.”  The program with the elephant logo occupies prime space on my computer desktop, iPhone, and iPad.   I first heard about the fabulous program from a forum entry at Keyword Academy as someone noted it as the best place to store information for writing articles.  Yes, the elephant is the symbol for the ability to remember. Wow, did Evernote ever chose the right logo!  Remembering a variety of information or at least accessing it readily is now a breeze!

What problem does Evernote solve?
Evernote solves the problem of keeping track of pieces of information thrown my way throughout the day.  Think about all these information pieces and from whence they come.  There is the phone call with the key points, numbers, and follow-up that I will need.  That information prior to my using Evernote  landed on a post-it note and hung on my desk.  In the end  one could no long see the desk for the multicolored post-it note configurations living there.  

There are the little research projects such as choosing a  painter or contractor for a  job around the house.  The prices, the phone numbers, the specifications, all needed housing  somewhere.

Then, there were the things that I searched for online, both product and information related.  Sure, I could bookmark a site, but what if I wanted to put all associated web-searches into one nifty folder for future reference?  Maybe I even  needed notes placed on those web pages. 

I see recipes all the time online that I would love to keep and organize with a click of a button.

Product order and travel confirmations come online via email.  Sure, I can file them in Outlook.  Accessing the messages there requires logging into the email system.   

Enternote solves all the above.  It stores pages and notes, both those created directly into Evernote and those clipped from anywhere and everywhere.  That information is accessible across all my electronic devices!

What is Evernote?
Evernote is a software program for note taking and archiving information.  I file a plethora of types of notes  in  Evernote tagged folders.  What is a note? Photographs, voice memos, handwritten notes, full  WebPages, or webpage excerpts all fit the description. The ability to add file attachments enhance the entire picture. This is just the easiest and the best place to file notes ever created.  The YouTube video below tells and illustrates the myriad of features.

What does Evernote cost?
A free version that includes advertisements is available. The inexpensive purchasable version includes an advertisement-free system plus a few other features.  Trust me.  Once a user experiences the free version, the desire will be there to go for the paid one and experience all that the complete system has to offer.  Organize and enjoy!

Evernote Video