Usually if you talk to any high achieving students at university, college or school, and ask them what they are likely going to be doing tomorrow they can probably tell you exactly what they will be up to if they wanted. If you were then to ask a poor performing academic student what are they going to be doing tomorrow however, they can probably name you one maybe two things of importance and the rest they will be unsure of.

The main difference between these students is organization, I belive that any student who can become organized and promote some structure and management into their time at university, college or school will be able to find a dramatic increase in their academic success.

Why does Organization equal success for students?

Why will organization be able to help instantly increase their success at an educational institution can probably be put down to several reasons.

First: Because you are organized you aren't going to be missing out any importnant work or having any coursework that will just jump up on you, which ties nicely into my second point.

Second: Because you know what is coming and this allows you with that special privilege of planning, planning on when you are going to do what, and where you can get help for it etc. Rather than several pieces of work all jumping out at you that are all due the next day.

Third: As you are essentially ahead of the game, if you are organized and planned you can start preparation for exam success way before anyone else dramatically increasing your chances of success, compared to work from one deadline to the next and then finding yourself faced with exams with shoddy revision notes and needing not to revise but to actually re-learn the material.

Fourth: It gives your mind the freedom to give 100%, because you have things organized and noted down you can focus 100% effort to every task which is in hand and not have to only devote 80% effort whilst your other part is trying to remember what to do, when to do etc. Giving you a  better ability to get the job in hand simply done better, whether that is course work, reading, taking notes, all can be done better by having more focus.

What is one of the best ways for a student to get organized for free?

There are other ways of going about being organized however this technique below by using the following Mac Applications of iProcrastinate and Evernote (find other useful free mac applications for college students here), that can be downloaded for free onto a Mac (one of the reasons I suggest the MacBook Pro 13.3 inch is the perfect tool for university) and most smart phones.

The process is really simple to follow to complete the task.

The idea is that you use iProcrastinate as the big diary for all your tasks and things that you want to do on particular dates, and you use Evernote as the platform to take down notes of things and tasks that need to be done in the future that you have been told for that day.

Then once you get back with the notes you have made onto Evernote as it is synced in with your Mac and your phone, you will be able to access the notes then apply them to iProcrastinate and fit in more tasks that need to be done on certain days.

You will then be able to re-juggle tasks so you aren't overworking yourself on some particular days but you are still making sure that you are getting everything that needs to be done, is done and is done well.