With the increasing popularity of Android OS for smartphones and tablet devices, application development in Android is also on the rise. At present, about 500,000 apps have already been developed while the number is increasing at an impressive pace. Evernote for Android is one of the most impressive Android applications and has already been included in New York Times as the ‘Top 10 Must-Have Apps’.

Evernote is basically useful for anyone who needs to take short notes, capture images and keep this data safe for future reference. The application also allows you to do audio recording and upload files to your online notebook. With this remarkable application, you can make notes on the run and after that you can also categorize these notes depending upon their business, personal, recreational etc. nature.

These notes are completely searchable so that you don’t have any problem in future. The notes can be tagged with specific keywords and divided into categories. Although this is useful for every person, for students and corporate users its importance cannot be overemphasize. You can also update your note or status message on various social networking website such as Facebook and Twitter.

With the passage of time, several improvements are implemented to Evernote for Android. For example, the feature of slide show viewing of the images is quite remarkable in the latest version. With this feature, users can now view their entire collected images in the form of a slide show.

In this way, you can view images that are saved under specific notes. The image will take up the screen on a black background and swiping the screen left or right moves to the next image in that note. The note or image title can be changed by taping on it. With the Shared Notebook feature, users can now share notes and images with their family, friends and acquaintances.

Notes and files from Evernote for Android can also be saved on the SD card via the ‘save attachments’ option. The application is also integrated with Google search, if you need to search about a particular item while scribbling down the note. You can either search by specific keywords or images. The function of background synchronization has also been updated in the latest version.

Another exciting feature that was missing from the earlier versions is text-recognition. With this feature, Evernote scans the stored images for words and stores those words along with the images. Later, you can search for the saved images with the help of those keywords. These functionalities were missing from the version 1 and the latest release with the name of version 2 has some pretty impressive updates.

Good thing about Evernote Android is that most of these functions are available for free, although premium users have the additional advantage of offline note viewing and managing. Besides, with the premium service, naturally, the online space available for the purpose of uploading data is more and it also supports a wider range of formats. But for a common user, free account can be more than enough.

In a nutshell, Evernote Android is definitely a must have application for any person who needs to take short notes at regular intervals. This app has rightfully been included among the best android apps.