Portable air conditioners are very handy appliances than can bring a great level of relief to consumers who don't have the right windows for regular AC units. The Everstar portable air conditioner is a popular model, and one that has received a lot of attention over the year. But the Everstar models are not immune to controversy, either, as some of the old fashioned window models had some serious issues, which has hurt this company's reputation because of past failures.

Everstar portable ac units have done a good job of redeeming the sins of the past, so to speak, and there are several models of this style, and these models have differing strengthes, as well. 8000 BTU, 10000 BTU, and 12000 BTU Everstar air conditioners are all available, and with only a small hose that needs to go to a window (or can even be draped in a sink) this model works really well for apartments with side to side sliding windows, partial windows, or other pleases that don't have central air and yet are still not feasible for window units.

So what about the history of these machines? Everstar used to be mainly a window unit producer, but the problem was that with some inexpensive early models failing, and proving themselves to be outright cheap or worse, many people were not willing to give them a second chance and a lot of tough times followed. That being said, when the major building rush for portable air conditioning units started, Everstar spent the time to produce some major quality. Many review sites commonly have 2 models of Everstar units among the top 10 models that are either approved of by consumers, or else draw interest from consumers.

This recent history of quality is one that seems to have given Everstar units another chance, and it is one that they're taking advantage of. If you are in the market for a new portable AC unit, these may or may not be the best ones for your needs, but you will definitely want to give Everstar portable air conditioning units a chance.