The Haitian earthquake on 12th January 2010 rocked the world. For once communities around the world seemed to be of one mind. This was that the people of Haiti needed help and they needed it fast.

It was generally accepted that this help would have to be ongoing and cost a great deal of money. Of course, much more was, and is, needed.

Simon Cowell was reported to have been approached by British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, about the possibility of making a charity single. Gordon kindly offered to wave the usual taxes# so that more of any monies raised would go to those it was meant for. Namely the people of Haiti.

In the last few days details of this single have been released to the press.

The single is to be a rendition of Everybody Hurts, which was originally recorded by REM. This is a moving song, at the best of times, and will be a fitting tribute to those Haitians who are still suffering so much.

The list of celebrity performers has been a little vague. However, this week there were reports that Susan Boyle was in the Studio laying down her part of the single. In fact Susan returned home, to her small Scottish village, only to disturb a burglar. This plucky little Scottish woman said that the youth fled her home empty handed.

Other singers and musicians expected to participate on Everybody Hurts are Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis, JLS, Michael Bubble, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Take That, Cheryl Cole, Jon Bon Jovi, Alexandra Burke, Miley Cyrus, Westlife, Joe McElderry, Kylie Minogue, Mika, James Blunt, James Morrison and Sir Paul McCartney. This list is not exhaustive but, I think you will agree, includes some great performers. This list of performers should ensure that the record sells well.

A taster of the single was released on Tuesday 26th January 2010. This did not, however, include all of the people who will be performing. Some of the performers have been recording their parts in, for example the States, whilst others have been doing this in the UK.

This recording has been rather a rushed effort, as time is of the essence. However, the people of Haiti will need help for a long time into the future. As long as the single makes money for Haiti it will have served its purpose.

The single is to be available to download on the 7th February 2010. It will be available to buy in stores on the 8th February 2010.

The proceeds from the single are to be split between two of the main UK charities which are helping Haiti. One is the DEC, which is the Disaster's Emergency Committee. The other is the British newspaper The Sun which currently has an appeal called the Helping Haiti fund.

This single should be sensational but, whether it is or not, please support the charities by buying this single. Apart from the money this will keep the people of Haiti in the news.