Everybody Writes is the "go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content that attracts and retains customers" by Ann Handley. It is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and an invaluable source of wisdom.

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Ann is the  Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, an incredible resource for writers, marketers and content creators. She is also a columnist for Entrepreneur magazine, a keynote speaker and social media maven. Forbes Magazine has cited her as the "Most Influential Woman In Social Media." She is pretty much the female version of Gary Vaynerchuk who's book Crush It I have reviewed. 

Everybody Writes begins by explaining that in the modern age of the internet and social media, everyone is a writer. Whether or not you're labeling yourself a writer, if you engage in social media like most people, or even write emails, then you are one. You are creating content and putting it out there with your name on it. So even if you're not a content marketing professional or author, you should probably read this book and learn how to make your stuff great.

The book goes from writing rules (and how/when to break them) to story rules, to content tools and has a wealth of tips and tricks that will be enlightening for amateurs and professionals alike. And unlike a number of writing books I've read, Everybody Writes is a witty and fun read. 

Ann teaches the reader that writing is not some magical ability granted to a select few, but a muscle and skill you must build up like any other. You can do this by practicing writing everyday. Just like hitting the gym, you'll start to build your writing muscles and eventually start to notice big "gains." Writing well is a habit you build. She reminds you not to fear the idea of writing everyday as you most likely already are.

"As you think of developing a writing habit, realize that you probably already do write every day. You write emails; you post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; you comment on blogs. Recognize all that posting for what it is: writing. And reframe it as a legit aspect of your daily workout—in the same way always taking the stairs becomes, over time, part of a fitness regimen."

The above is one of the best points in the book, in my opinion. It is really easy to become overwhelmed with the idea of writing consistently. When we realize how often we are writing in everyday life, it helps take the pressure off. This means that the ever-feared writer's block isn't so likely to rear its ugly head. It shows us that we can write everyday and makes us want to take charge of and improve the writing we're already doing. 

I would recommend this book to nearly anyone, but especially professional writers, marketers and content creators. The book is also a good idea for business owners and managers who may need to write well themselves or help their employees write more effectively. It is jammed-packed with actionable tips to make you a better writer and creator. 

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content
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Everybody Writes By Ann Handley is a must-read for content creators, marketers and even business owners.