The traditional use of aluminum foil is to cover a pan or a dish. If you are baking in the oven, many recipes call for dish to be covered. It is the only oven safe cover for a pan. If you are covering a bowl of leftovers and don't have a cover, aluminum foil works great. What you may not know, is that there are plenty of other uses for aluminum foil.

Specially Shaped Cake Pan

If you want to make a cake shaped like a teddy bear for a child's birthday, a heart shaped cake for Valentine's Day, or a cake shaped like a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, aluminum foil can help. You would simply put two sheets of it together so that it is strong, and shape it into whatever shape you need for your cake. You can then place the foil pan into your regular baking pan, and have any shape cake that you need.

Specially Shaped Cake Pan

Soften Up Brown Sugar

Brown sugar gets hard very easy. Often times, it is so hard that you cannot even cut through it with a knife. To get your brown sugar back to its powdery form, you would simply wrap it in a piece of aluminum foil, and bake it in the oven at 300 degrees for 5 minutes.

Soften Up Brown Sugar

Decorate a Cake

If you don't have a pastry bag, you can use aluminum foil to decorate your cake. Simply shape a piece of heavy duty sheet into the shape of a pastry bag, leaving a hole at the bottom for the frosting to squeeze out. The best part is there is no clean up necessary when you are done. Simply roll it up in a ball, and throw it away.

Polish Your Silver

Aluminum foil is great for polishing silver. Aluminum creates an ion exchange, which is a molecular reaction where aluminum acts as a catalyst. To polish your silver, simply line a pan with sheet and fill it with cold water. Add two teaspoons of salt and drop your tarnished silver in the pan. You should leave it in the water for two to three minutes and rinse it off.

Polish Your Silver

Keep Tarnished Silver from Tarnishing

After you have polished your silver, you should store it on a sheet of aluminum foil. If you are planning to store your silver for a long period of time, wrap it in plastic wrap, and then wrap it in aluminum sheet, making sure to fold and seal the ends.

Make Your Steel Wool Pads Last Longer

Nothing is worse than using a steel wool pad once, only to find it is a rusty mess the next day. After you use your steel wool, wrap it in sheet and store it in the freezer.

Use as a Scrub Pad

If you need to lean a filthy pan and realize that you don't have any scrub pads left, you can use a balled up piece of aluminum sheet.


Use as a Scrub Pad

Protect Your Oven

If you are cooking something that may bubble over and cause a huge mess in your oven, aluminum foil can help. Cook your dish on the top rack, and cover the bottom rack with a piece of aluminum sheet. If anything happens to drip, it will land on the sheet, so you won't need to scrub the oven after it has cooled down.

Sharpen Your Scissors

You can sharpen your scissors with a simple piece of sheet. Simply fold the foil into several layers, and start cutting. After about 7 or 8 cuts, you scissor should be as sharp as they were when you first bought them.

Sharpen Your Scissors

Clean Your Jewelry  

You don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry cleaners to get your jewelry clean. Line a small bowl with aluminum foil and mix hot water with one teaspoon of bleach free laundry detergent. You cannot use the liquid kind. Put your jewelry in the solution, and allow it to sit for about a minute. After, remove the jewelry, rinse it off, and allow it to air dry before you put it away.

Move Heavy Furniture  

If you are going to be rearranging the furniture in your home by yourself, aluminum sheets can help. If you are moving the furniture over a smooth floor, place a piece of foil under each of the legs. You should put the dull side down towards the floor, because the dull side is slippier than the shiny side.

Move Heavy Furniture

Put Highlights in Your Hair

When you go to a hair salon, they use fancy pieces of pre-cut foil to wrap your hair after adding highlights. If you are doing your own highlights, you don't need to use the fancy, expensive kind. You can use the aluminum foil that you keep in your kitchen, and it works just as well.

Iron Your Clothes Faster

When you iron, the ironing board soaks up a lot of the heat. This can make it take longer to iron your clothes. When you place a piece of aluminum sheet under the ironing board pad, the sheet will reflect the heat back to the clothing. This will take less time to get the wrinkles out.

Clean Your Iron

Over time, starch can build up on your iron, causing it to stick to your clothes. To clean off the starch, run the iron when it is hot over a piece of aluminum sheet. This will get rid of any debris on the iron.

Protect Your Garden

To keep insects and slugs away from your vegetable garden, mix strips of aluminum foil in with your gardening mulch. The aluminum sheet will also reflect the light back on the vegetables, helping them to grow faster.

Make a Funnel

If your car needs oil but you can't find a funnel, you don't need to pour and hope for the best. Using heavy duty aluminum sheet, make a funnel to pour the oil in the engine safely.

Considering all of the uses for aluminum foil, you should always keep a box or two of heavy duty foil in case of an emergency. The best part is, aluminum foil is relatively inexpensive.


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