My Affiliate Marketing Experience

Affiliate Marketing(56228)Credit: couple of years ago I found myself in my first Affiliate Marketing endeavor. I was brand new to the whole thing and although I had no formal or previous experience selling or pitching anything, I had great confidence that this was all going to work out. As with all network marketing schemes, the product was amazing, we all thought it was going to sell itself. Unlike other MLMs that sell makeup or nutritional supplements, our product was  something people already purchased. So, our task was simply convincing them this was a great opportunity and redirecting those funds they were already spending into this. Needless to say, it didn't work out.

My Revelation

But I walked away with a new realization - EVERYONE IS AN AFFILIATE MARKETER. Think about it. After you see a great movie, when the topic comes up in conversation, don't you tell all your friends about it? What about when you eat at a delicious restaurant? Or find a place that sells gas five cents cheaper than where you normally stop? Now, think about about this for a second…What if each of those people you told went to go see that movie, eat at that restaurant or visit that gas station? That could potentially be a lot of people. So, wouldn't it be nice if you got something in return for voluntarily sending those businesses free referrals and customers? Of course it would! So, what's the difference in that and signing up for a networking marketing company or product?

Why We Sometimes Fail at Affiliate Marketing

Well, oftentimes when we get into a network marketing company or become part of an affiliate program we get hooked and sold on the idea that everyone is going to love the fantastic product and how much money we could "potentially" make. The keyword of course being potentially. And a lot of times, right after we walk out of being sold on the idea, we lose confidence immediately or at least by the time we get our first NO. The truth is those numbers we get sold on do work - in theory. But in reality they oftentimes never turn out quite as magically. However, this is due to the fact that most of the time we're wasting our time pitching to our friends or family, who have little or no interest in what we're doing that also have a bad taste in their mouths from being burned out and victim of a similar multi level scheme. So how do you change this?

How to Have Success in Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing(56229)Credit: Choose a Product that You are Passionate About - If you don't believe in what you're promoting, you're not going to be motivated and if the product is crap, you'll damage your reputation.
  • Only Pitch to People Who are Interested - For instance, why would you try and sell meat to a vegetarian? Chances are, they're probably not interested. The same goes for placing an add on your dog blog that says MAKE A KILLER INCOME creating iPhone apps with absolutely no programming! It's completely irrelevant and dog lovers aren't visiting your site for that reason. So find people that have a need for your product or opportunity.
  • Don't Do it For the Money - If you're going in it for the money, then I can say that you most likely will fail. If you get in it for the money, it probably will never come. However, if you get in it because you love it and you believe in the product, I am positive success will eventually find you. And if you don't happen to make a lot of money, it won't matter so much, because you're loving what you do. I would highly suggest starting it out as a hobby. Then, as Jon Acuff mentions in his book, Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job, after you've become so successful that you're making more money with your part-time gig that you are at your full-time, you can considering dropping the 9-5 and focusing full-time on your side venture.

In conclusion, we all are Affiliate Marketers. Everyday for every single thing we do and product we buy. So, since you're doing it already, why not get paid for those referrals?

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