The economy may be rebounding but everyone is still reeling from the sucker punch they received from it a couple of years ago. Today people are making do with what they have, or when it is time to make a purchase, they are being the most frugal shoppers they can be to not go into debt, and not use up all there savings. This is why you will see consumers buy carpet remnants to redo the flooring in their homes. It is inexpensive, and usually if they know the exact make and part number of the carpet they are looking for it will be easy to buy the same from a couple of retailers to get enough for their entire home.

The installation, carpet padding, and other incidentals may not come as inexpensively as the carpet, but you can still save a couple of hundred dollars in the process. When socializing with friends and family bring it up that you are looking to buy carpet remnants in a certain style and type. This will embed the thought in their mind, and will let you know when a deal comes up that might interest you. The one good thing about remnants is the fact that they are so many companies selling these that their profit margins are very slim and usually you are getting it just above cost.

Check with the builders in your area, as they will have leftover carpet when building out a house, if they have their own flooring people, which they usually do. They may even give it to you just to haul it off for them. You will not receive a very good quality of carpet when dealing with this type of company, and your best bet will be the super discounters of carpets.

Just to give you an idea of how many companies sell carpet in a large city I went to google and typed Dallas Texas carpet stores in and it returned over forty-three hundred results. Surely a lot will be redundant information, but I am betting that you would net five to six hundred carpet companies that sell inexpensive remnants. So as you can see there are more places to buy from then you could possibly visit. The competitive nature of the business keeps all of their pricing about the same.

If you want to save money on the installation you might want to put an ad on Craig's list to hire a carpet installer for a one-day job. You might get an experienced college student that could really use the money, and do it for a lot less than an indoor design professional, with similar results.