Everyone needs help these days starting and running a small business.  It is not easy in the current economic climate to start a business, run a business alone, and make it among so many larger fish.

The key to making any business work, whether it be large or small, is having a team around you when running a small business.

The single biggest mistake that small business owners make is they try to be super man and do everything themselves. In a world where corporations rule, the little guy has to be smart and jump on the band wagon.

Corporations are nothing but a big team. They have tons of people working on their business to grow it and make sure it runs efficiently. The teams work on advertising, human relations, bookkeeping, and the growth.

Their teams are so powerful that they crush the small business owner. The only way a small business owner can make it in this economy is to build a team and use them to grow.

Building a Team

Often times I hear people say that a team of people is to expensive. How can I afford a team of people if I can barely afford my bills?

The answer to that question is not everything costs money. Don't get me wrong, there is a cost for everything, but that cost isn't always greenbacks.

Bartering is the first thing that comes to my mind. When running a small business, one of the biggest assets you have is flexibility. This gives the business owner a lot of strength when it comes to bartering. All bartering is exchanging time or goods for other services.

Using this method is the best way to get a team for free.

Here is a Brief List of things You Can do that Don't Cost Money

  • Barter - Bartering is trading one service for another. This doesn't involve any money. It really works with small businesses because trading services is often easier and actually makes more sense than spending money.
  • College Students - College students are great to use for work. They often have worker programs or you can set up your own. College students are great for accounting jobs and advertising jobs. They will do it for free because they are studying the subject and looking for any experiences.
  • Offer A Piece Of My Business - If all else fails, you can offer a piece of the business as payment for services. Often times, people offer a small percentage of ownership in the business for services. People are more willing to help when they are part owner. Also, you have nothing to worry about because who ever owns the majority of the business still controls the decisions of the business.

These are some brief tips on how you can find team members without using money. For more information, go to Running A Small Business Inc.

Thanks and Happy Trails.