Caring Bridge

A Tool of Great Assistance in Time of Need

Unfortunately, at one time or another, most people have a friend or family member who experiences a stressful situation involving someone who is seriously ill, injured, or even someone deployed for military duty. Word typically travels quickly through an extended support network of concerned family and friends.  Everyone wants to know how the situation is progressing and how they can help.  The wish to send a message of support and encouragement permeates the thought process of everyone involved.

The family affected appreciates and needs those thoughts, prayers, and altruistic intentions of the circle of friends. Their ability to give updates on the situation, receive messages, and respond to the messages is overwhelming.  Should one ever end up in this state of seeing a family or friend in such a time of need, a comforting thought is that Caring Bridge can come to the rescue. 

What is Caring Bridge?Bridge(56501)

Caring Bridge is a nonprofit organization caring for families and individuals  in urgent situations.   They set up a personal website dedicated to the need.  On that personalized website, the family gives updates and others communicate back.

Communication simplifies  the time required  and effort the family spends on sending out information.  All parties receive the same information. No matter the distance someone is physically, they can stay informed and continually send words of support and encouragement.

What situations would benefit from support by Caring Bridge ?

The service is perfect for  people finding themselves in trying situations such as;  cancer treatment, hospice care, chronic illness, hospitalization, military deployment, organ transplant, premature birth, stroke, and rehabilitation just to name a few.

What are the features of the website?

The website includes; patient care updates, a guest book for messages, a photo gallery, and complimentary online help for use of the website. Logins allow for  a  private and personal site.

How much does Caring Bridge cost?

Here, is the unbelievable part.  The service is free.  The nonprofit organization operates on donations. It is such a tremendous service, that I would expect donations occur frequently.

I first learned about Caring Bridge last year.  A horrible car accident involved the son of a dear friend.  For a few days after the tragedy, everyone around the family called each other to try to get updates, attempting  to not bother the heartbroken parents.  Everyone knew that the parents' attentions needed to focus squarely on their son.  At the same time, all wanted to help. The family established a Caring Bridge site.  It was unbelievably helpful to family and friends alike.