Of the many different choices in woods, pine is almost always the least expensive option. This doesn't necessarily mean it has to look cheap, as it can be finished in a number of pleasing medium to light hues. But a desk of this wood will infrequently have a price tag of over two hundred dollars. The average model doesn't even rise much above one hundred.

The most regal of woods for a desk is, without a doubt, oak. It has a deserved reputation for lasting a long time, and the common finishes for it are richly dark almost to being chocolate-like. There are disadvantages along with these benefits, though. The first is, as you can probably guess, the higher price. The second is that it's not by any means a light wood, making it harder to move around.

Cherry wood is a fond choice for office furniture. With its red tinge making it a slightly more colorful but still dignified choice in desks, it offsets and contrasts other colors in a room quite well. While it's not the high-end of wood materials for durability or price, it's not at the lowest point, either. Instead, it's a simple middle ground material.

Inhabitants of a moist climate or people who are just generally cautious over rot will be interested in **mahogany desks** especially. Mahogany is a very strong and stable wood species. It also has very particularly good defenses against rotting, which allows it to endure circumstances that other desks would fail in.

The difference between a desk's finish and its true wood is not one to be ignored. A desk finished in mahogany isn't the same as one of pure mahogany, after all. It may take some careful looking to distinguish the true characteristics of a desk beyond its superficial appearance. But that extra research is what separates a good desk shopper from a gullible one.

**Wooden desks** in squared corner designs have become very popular for secretaries and receptionist positions. It's a very practical way to organize a room's flow for visitors, while also giving the worker some extra space. Just be ready to pay a bit more compared to a similarly-designed traditional desk.

The executive desk is a mark of honor for any high-ranking or important official or businessperson. Be sure that this is the kind of desk you need and desire, however, because they cost quite a bit in return for the added size and craftsmanship. The powerful atmosphere that they set up can even be a drawback in areas where it's not quite suitable.

Though a minor trait you won't have much reason to use often, easy removal of drawers from a desk is important in some situations. The one you'll most probably find out quickest is when trying to move your desk into place to start with. The heavier the desk, the more you'll benefit if you can take the drawers out before moving it. But if this is a difficult procedure it can not even be worth the time to bother.