Learning to play the guitar can be intimidating, but it does'nt have to be.  Most people, as long as they do not have some sort of disibility, can indeed learn to play guitar adequately and in a timely fashion!  When it comes to playing the guitar you must realize two things, the first we mentioned above, any abled body can learn how to play the guitar and secondly... you are going to suck when you first start out.  So there you have it!  Lets get started. 

buying a guitar -  My first guitar was a chepo, $100  guitar I picked up from my local guitar store.  I recomend when starting out that you do the same as well, after all there is no telling if after you get past the sucking part if you are going to actually enjoy playing your instrument.  Decide what style of music you want to play (this will effect what type of guitar you will buy).  Three main types of guitars are Acoustic, Electric, and Classical.  Acoustic guitars have steel strings and a rich sound, you can play all sorts of music on an acoustic guitar, which is why I recomend starting on an acoustic guitar. However, if you want to be a hard-core-rocker or be in a metal band then I suggest buying an electric guitar as this would better suit your need.  Classical guitars have nilon strings and produce a softer sound.  If you are interested in learning classical music then I would buy a classical guitar, otherwise I wouldn't.  The strings are farther apart from each other which can be hard for beginners considering the flexibility of their hands. 

Starting out - Now that you have a guitar I recomend sitting down at home (preferably where noone else can hear you) and start picking away at the strings, make it up, whatever comes to mind, just play it.   The best advice someone ever gave me was this "make up things yourself, and have fun".  Someone told me that over 6 years ago regarding playing the guitar and I have yet to forget it.  Because it's true, the power to create lies within each and everyone of us.  I think you will be supprised what you can come up with on your own.   A personal teacher can also be a good idea.  Guitar lessons can be expensive but they are worth it!  I recomend one on one and not group lessons because this will give you the attention you need and you will learn much faster this way.  Another good resource to turn to is the internet.  There are literally thousands of sites that will give you free online lessons.  You can also look up chords, tabs, and charts and teach your self how to play by trial and era.  Many people prefer this method.  Two of my favorite sites personally are youtube and ultimate guitar.  

Keeping up the work -  Congratulations!  You have made it past the sucking part and now you are well on your way to stardom, or at least making progress.  After you get out of the beginner stage sometimes you can find yourself in a rut.  Lets say you know all of your major chords and minor chords and plenty of songs.  However,  your not shredding up and down the fretboard like you want to.  Commonly this is where many people get stuck , and you don't want to stay stuck... it's not fun.  If you do find yourself here try the following start learning your scales, take a music theroy class at your local college, start teaching begining guitar to others who are under your skill level, also take up one on one lessons again with a more advanced teacher than your previous one.  It should be a long while before you find yourself in a rut, but if you do don't panic you will find your way out soon enough. 

Learing to play the guitar can be tricky, difficult at first but it really does pay off in the long run!  I can't say that I have reached stardome yet, but learing to play the guitar for me has been a most rewarding experience!  And it's super fun! I hope you enjoy learing to play the guitar!