Zombies movies, as predictable as they are I always have fun watching them. I know there are few surprises, the dead will come back to life. At least one of the main characters will be bitten and in turn become a zombie. In the end at least one or more zombies will survive to live another day and make another movie. But yet, I still watch zombie movies and love them, they are almost like reality TV, as dumb as the zombies are - people always manage to be even dumber.

In Zombie Movies being a zombie does not make you a "Bad Guy", just because one of your colleagues is well dressed, has a good head on their shoulders, speaks well, is polished and original does not always make them a "Good Guy. They are often more dangerous than zombies.

Don't follow the crowd. If you do what most people do, you'll get the same results most people get, Zombiewhich usually means getting bit by a zombie and spending the rest of your life being part of the mindless mob. Sit back assess the situation, and carefully determine common sense strategy that works for you.

Enjoy what you have. Zombies spend their entire existence mindlessly pursuing that which brings them pleasure, that is eating human flesh and brains. Don't be a zombie, appreciate the precious gift of freewill, friendship, love and a good cheeseburger. Zombies only focus on what they don't have (your brains). Focus instead on all the great things you do already have.

Be yourself. Don't pretend to be a zombie, in order to blend in and survive your situation, this did not work well for Bill Murray in Zombieland and it won't work for you. Pretend to be a zombie and you will eventually become a zombie. Be who you are and deal with zombies as they come.

Take care of your family and friends. In the end its your family and friends that will stick by you. Help them when they ask for help. Give them support and encouragement. Let them fall, and forget about them, or leave them behind, you will find that one day you may need their help, and they will give you and hand - and then try to eat you. Build your circle of friends and family, people that you can trust and can trust in you, and you will survive.

When everything goes to hell you can be sure the government had something to do with it. We could not have zombies without government incompetence. I have my suspicions that many high ranking government officials have had their brains eaten by zombies, and may be zombies themselves.

Have a plan and move fast. Zombies cannot plan or move fast, you can. If you know where you are going and have a relatively well thought out plan of how you are going to get there, you will be okay. If you get distracted or forget about the plan, you will get bit. Once you have your plan, execute it with speed and determination.

Just because someone did something bad to you, does not always make them a bad person. Sure a zombie will try to eat you everytime, that's what they do. But that doesn't make them bad. They are just doing what zombies do, eat people. All the other zombies are doing it, they figure it must be ok, they don't think about what they do, they just act. Who knows zombies may regret eating their friends, but it doesn't stop them. Unlike the movies though, real life zombies can still come back to us. Whether it's alcohol, drugs, blind ambition. People unlike zombies can change.

The last lesson is that there will always be zombies. You can burn them, shoot them in the head, bomb them, you can even nuke them, but somehow Zombies will always survive. They are always around you. So keep your guard up, dodge and weave. Love them of hate them, you gotta learn to live with them.