There may be any number of reasons why you want to buy used baby cribs online. Perhaps you are a mother who wants to save money. Maybe you are a new grandparent and want to keep a baby crib in the house for when you are on babysitting duty.  Buying a used baby crib simply makes a lot of sense.

You will find that second hand baby cribs are usually just as good in quality as expensive new cribs. You don’t have to compromise on quality when shopping for used baby equipment. You just have to be mindful of safety concerns with used baby cribs.

Benefits of Buying Used Baby Cribs Online

Buying a used baby crib is a smart shopping decision. If you shop for a used baby crib you will usually save a great deal of money.  New cribs can be quite expensive and the money you save can be used on other things for baby.

Besides saving money, if you buy a used crib you can often find designer brands at low cost. Many mothers sell their gently used, name brand baby cribs for next to nothing.  You will benefit by knowing the better brands of baby cribs and can get a real bargain.

Tips For Buying Used Baby Cribs Online

When you do decide to buy a baby crib online that is used, you will want to consider a few factors to make sure the crib is safe and your baby is safe.

  • Make sure the crib is sturdy.  You don’t want to buy a crib that is not stable.
  • Don’t purchase any old cribs that were manufactured before 1973. The vintage cribs are just not made to comply with safety standards that are enforced currently.
  • Don’t buy a baby crib with a drop side. They have been determined to be unsafe for babies because they can become loose and baby can be seriously injured.
  • Be aware of chipped paint on cribs. You do not want baby to choke on any paint chips so watch out for hazards like that.
  • There should be no more than 2 3/8 inch space between crib slats. This measurement is important so that baby does not get stuck between the slats.
  • There should be no missing parts or hardware on the used crib. Carefully check the crib for any pieces that may be sticking out or that have sharp edges.
  • The corner posts of the cribs should not be pointy. Babies can easily get injured on a protruding corner post.

Best Places To Buy Used Baby Cribs Online

Consider Ebay when you are looking to buy used baby cribs online.  Ebay sellers offer a large selection of used baby furniture for sale. If you have never shopped on Ebay before it is fun to shop by bidding on used baby equipment. Of course there are many sellers who also offer the buy it now option where you can instantly purchase the baby crib used you want and don’t have to wait for an auction to end.

You can be assured of receiving a great buying experience on the site. Ebay makes sure that their sellers offer quality items and Ebay stands behind their shoppers. Watch for sellers that have a large number of positive feedbacks and even read a few to insure you of a good buying experience. Another thing to look for on Ebay is free shipping or the option of picking up the item.

Another popular place to buy used baby cribs online is Craigslist. People use Craigslist to sell many household items including baby cribs and even the baby mattress to go along with it. Often you will be able to find a complete baby nursery including the crib, mattress, changing table and dresser.  A lot of people shop on Craigslist for used baby items so you will want to check the listings often to make sure you don’t miss a deal. 

When you are shopping on Craigslist for used baby cribs online or other used baby furniture you may find some sellers that will deliver the items. The best part of shopping on Craigslist for used baby equipment such as cribs is that you can actually see the item before you buy. You can see for yourself the quality of the crib and check out the sturdiness of it so you will be satisfied that your baby is safe.

Buying used baby cribs online is all about finding a quality crib that is durable, sturdy and safe for baby. It just takes a little patience in finding the perfect baby crib or and other piece of gently used baby furniture that you may be looking for. Once you buy the best used crib for your purposes one final thing to note is to make sure the mattress fits snugly inside the crib so there are no safety hazards for baby.