I only found out about ski helmet covers a few weeks ago, and I immediately did a ton of research on them. They can be absolutely perfect for any type of skier, whether you’re a professional or amateur! Not only will these helmet covers make your helmet look a whole lot cooler, but they will actually keep your head and ears warm while you are going down the slopes!

I will be going over the basics of ski helmet covers throughout this article. You will discover things like:

-What ski helmet covers are

-Who can use the covers

-What purpose they serve in protecting your head and keeping it warm

-The price that you can expect to pay for these ski helmet accessories

And these are only the tip of the iceberg. I will be explaining the above facts as well as much more!

What Are Ski Helmet Covers?

I guess that the actual name of the product is self explanatory, but I’ll go over exactly what they are.  They are covers that are made from warm material that go over the top of your ski helmet. These covers are made with a wide variety of designs in mind; however, they all cover your entire ski helmet.

Most of the covers are made from light material, so you will not have to worry about them weighing down your head!

Do They Serve Any Purpose?

Of course the covers serve a purpose! They actually serve two purposes!

The first purpose is to enhance the look of your ski helmet. These covers go over top of your helmet and make it look a whole lot better! You must keep in mind the fact that the covers don’t affect the safety or integrity of your helmet. Your head still has the same protection around it, but that protective barrier is simply being covered by some additional material!

Don’t get the wrong idea, most ski helmets are very stylish and would look perfect fine without a cover; however, these covers make your look fun, and will make you stand out while you are skiing, which is perfect for families that want to keep an eye on their young children!

The second purpose that these helmet covers serve is keeping your head warm. Ski helmet companies do a phenomenal job at producing products that will keep your head relatively warm while you are heading down the black diamond slopes. However, their main concern is safety...not design or warmth! With that being said, these covers can be worn on top of your ski helmet, and will keep your head really warm throughout your skiing experience!

The Different Types Of Ski Helmet Covers That You Can Buy

When it comes to skiing, there are literally thousands of products to choose from! Whether you’re buying a new pair of ski poles or even some skis; you will be faced with a ton of different options!

However, there aren’t nearly as many ski helmet covers that you can purchase for the next time that you’re heading down the slopes! The reason behind this is the novelty of their nature!

BUT, there are still some awesome covers that you can buy for your ski helmet...some of these include:

-Different colored dread locks to “explode” out of your ski helmet

-A variety of animals that include frogs, dogs, cats, and bears

-Faux animal fur

-Cool line and stripe patterns to go over top of your helmet

-Princess and king designs that will cover your ski helmet

As I said, these are only a few of the designs that you can cover your ski helmet with.

Where Can I Find These Covers For My Helmet?

Most sport and outdoor stores will have a small selection of ski helmet covers to choose from; however, you best bet is to go online and browse through their selection!

What is the point of driving for miles to find a few covers to choose from when you can simply head on over to an online marketplace and have hundreds to put on your helmet!

Amazon has a great selection, so you should definitely check out their covers for your ski helmet...I’m sure that you’ll be able to find something that will suit your tastes and the size of your helmet!

How Much Should You Pay To Cover Your Ski Helmet

This is sort of a loaded question because there is a wide range of prices; however, I will go with the averages!

Heading to your local ski shop will cost you about $50 if you want to buy any of their covers.

On the other hand, taking a look at Amazon’s selection will yield many covers for under $30!

At the end of the day, you should be looking through the ski helmet covers that suit your style and helmet size! That will yield the best purchase!