Ever since the introduction of the futon to the furniture market in 1980's it has become a popular piece of furniture in every household. Its popularity doesn't seem to be fading with time. Apart from the dual functionality which it serves (sofa- cum- bed) the ease with which it can be assembled and dismantled makes it a highly portable and desirable piece of furniture. But the secret to a futon's timeless popularity lies in its cover.

Futon covers not only protects the mattress from dirt, stain and moisture but also adds to the décor of the room. With a futon mattress cover you do not have to worry about children spilling food and juice on top of your futon mattress. A futon cover protects the mattress from any sort of stains making futons practically child friendly. This type of cover typically has zips on three sides and so can be removed easily.

It can be washed , cleaned and dried regularly to keep it free from dust, pet hairs and allergens accumulated on top of its fabric. This helps to maintain a hygienic environment in the house. Therefore, a futon mattress cover makes futons ideal for people suffering from allergies. A futon mattress cover helps to increase the life of the mattress. A mattress without cover will suffer from moisture and stains and will soon become a breeding ground for molds, fungus and mildews. It will start decaying and would become unusable and so it will have to be replaced with a new mattress. Thus the cover saves the cost of replacing the mattress by increasing its longevity. Futon covers are available in different colors, patterns and fabrics making them easy to blend in the interior décor of the room. The wide selection of covers gives fashion conscious people the flexibility to change the décor of the room every now and then by simply replacing futon cover and making a few changes here and there. Thus futon cover helps you to stay in fashion at less cost.

A futon slip cover comes in various sizes and thickness depending on the size and thickness of the mattress. The standard futon slip cover can fit a mattress of 5"-8" thickness. However if the thickness of the mattress exceeds 8" (say 9"-12") then a customized futon slip cover must be ordered to the retailer. The retailers charge a nominal fee of 10$ or so for customizing the futon cover to fit your mattress. In order for the futon cover to fit properly the length and breadth of the mattress must be measured accurately. The futon cover is available in different sizes like 39x75 is twin size ,54x75 is full size, 60x80 is queen size ,54x54 is loveseat size ,28x54 is modern chair size ,28x21 is ottoman size,54x21 is loveseat ottoman size and so on. Before purchasing futon cover you must accurately measure the length, breadth and thickness of the mattress in order to determine the size of the cover that will fit properly on it.
Futon covers are available in various fabrics, patterns and colors. Depending on your décor and budget you can choose futon covers made of materials like cotton, polyester, vinyl, microfiber, suede, leather, denim, faux silk, organic material and so on. Futon covers are available in big discount stores like Wal-Mart, target etc , department stores , furniture stores and can be ordered online from special futon manufacturer sites like futons.net, futoncreations.com etc.
A Futon cover brings a magical touch to your furniture and helps to keep up with the changing trend in the world of fashion and décor at a reasonable price.