Nowadays you can spot outdoor lighting fixtures in almost every garden. The reason behind this, is that many homeowners see the multiple purposes the lighting fixtures have. Outdoor lighting serves not only decorative purposes any more, but also serves as security measures. Through the use of low voltage lighting systems, outdoor lighting has become more affordable and have grown in popularity ever since. For those who don't know that much about external lighting, you probably don't know that there are actually different kinds of lighting available to enhance your backyard.

The reasons to make use of outdoor lighting may vary from person to person.

  • For example, external lighting installed in the garden can make it easier for the homeowner to find its way during the darker hours.
  • Garden lights can also make it a tougher place for burglars to break into because of the increased visibility.
  • External lighting provides ample light to the darker areas in your backyard. This allows you to access features in your garden that maybe hidden during dark hours or provides visibility to garden steps that you frequently use during the night.
  • Aside from being a necessity, outdoor lighting is generally very attractive, bringing beautiful features in your garden to attention.
Knowing the different kinds of external lights helps you choose the right products to light your outdoor space.
  • One type of external lights is called an up light. This kind of light is usually placed under foliage or near plants with big stems to create a dramatic, shimmering effect. Up lights gives your garden a wonderful ambiance especially if installed next to a garden trail.
  • Another type of external lighting is called back lights. These lights are used to give pleasant shading to lighter sections of your garden.
  • Path lights illuminates walkways while recessed lights are used to light the grounds and sunken garden structures.

External lighting kits make the installation of lighting fixtures easier. They usually come with materials that are needed for setting up lights in certain sections of your backyard. There are even kits that contain numerous lighting fixtures that could light up the whole garden and not just some selected areas around your house. These external lighting kits are offered in several lighting shops and specialized DIY stores.