An antique wardrobe really has a lot of precense. You could turn it into an entertainment center, use it as an extra closet, or even just try it out as a computer station. This is going to hide away all of your technology. Of course it also works with the basic function of an armoire. It's great if you don't want to interrupt the vintage style of your home. At the same time, this can stay true to the character of your space. When you are working with an older home oftentimes it lacks closet space so these pieces are really what are functional and necessary.

Of course the previous homeowners probably didn't leave them behind for you so you’re going to need to figure out ways to bring this in on a budget. This is the perfect kind of solution if you just don't know where to put anything or your room doesn't have a focal point.

These pieces can be very detailed or very simple. It's important to really consider your needs. For instance if you are worried about this dominating your space because often times these pieces are so large then you can just find ways around this. For instance, a lot of times they have mirror fronts on them. This is perfect because mirrors give you a chance to get ready in the morning but at the same time it helps visually expand the space. If you really love the pieces of furniture just figure out different ways to make it work within your space. This may mean that you don't go with a matching set and the rest of your furniture is scaled down but you can still get what is really important to you in your room.

If you are trying to create the look of an antique wardrobe armoire then you're pretty much going to have to go with paint. Often times these kinds of pieces can even be found in exotic wood but if you can't find them at a thrift store, then an antique walnut wardrobe is going to be extremely expensive. These kinds of woods are something that should be treasured and cared for. However, you can turn your existing basic piece into part of this kind of look just by going with a paint and glaze for an aging kind of process. This can also relate to your other furniture for more of a cohesive kind of color palette.

The type of wood is also really important. Really an antique oak wardrobe uses very softer stain finishes which would be extremely difficult to re-create. However, since this is still inexpensive if you're trying to shop at a thrift store, garage sale, or estate sale one of these authentic pieces are the way to go. You might want to go with one of these lesser qualities of wood so that it's still affordable. It's going to look antique because of all the embellishments, and the overall shape and scale of it.

If you get very lucky when shopping then you might be able to pick up an antique mahogany wardrobe. You can really show off the beauty of this and make it the focal point of your room. This could be the only color in your space because it does have such a warm tone. Keep the rest of the pieces elegant but neutral with antique light fixtures, faux silk curtains and a damask fabric. You want the rest of your furniture to really kind of blend into the background because it's not going to hold up to this. A good way to find this is to either search the want ads or be on the lookout for whenever a vintage style home is being renovated. Oftentimes the homeowners will just be so glad to get the pieces out that they really cut down on the cost. If you can haul it away, although this will be a little bit more work for you, it can really pay off in the end and help you stay within a budget.

It is important depending on the type you want to just skip alterations. You may want to do restoration to really clean up the piece. This isn't going to diminish the value. This isn't the kind of thing that you use as a base for DIY projects. Instead, it really needs to be treasured so you should take it to a professional to have any of the defects taken care of and restored. This is kind of the heirloom type of furniture that you can have for generations. You can always use it in a guestroom if you'd like to try out more of a contemporary look in your space but again, this is something that is so difficult to find and come across that it really shouldn't be painted depending on the wood tone. However, since it is your furniture you really can do whatever you want to. Just keep in mind that you'll really be diminishing the value and getting rid of the craftsmanship and the true beauty of mother nature.

There are also different styles of this kind of furniture that will work in a vintage room or a shabby chic design. For instance, it can often have an Art Deco kind of vibe. This is perfect if you want something a little bit simpler or you just don't want that French style that often comes with these kind of pieces. If not just look for kind of the curved lines that are so evocative of these design styles. In fact, it might just have a plain front so the wood tone is really what is going to make it seem very antique. Art Deco style furniture is something that you can often find at different thrift stores so you could use a mix and match kind of approach to things. Keep whatever wood is still in good enough shape to salvage. Sometimes these pieces just have to be painted so it really gives you a cohesive kind of style just because all of the silhouettes are going to be the same even if you do go with a wood and painted kind of look. This allows you to bring in more contemporary colors on the damaged items while still relating them back to the true antique pieces.