With another Batman movie just around the corner, there's been plenty of speculation going on as to what's going to happen and just what Chris Nolan has up his sleave for the final part of this trilogy. While many details remain under wraps, there have been some rumors as to certain potential new characters and some which have been confirmed either by someone from the movie or by the trailers themselves. Many people may be familiar with some of the characters and many may not. Still others may only be aware of these characters in their previous movie or perhaps animated renditions. For those people, I am writing this article. I will simply address the main points about a few characters which have been confirmed and a few which have been hinted at. I hope this is somewhat helpful. Of course there is always the potential for changes in the characters in Nolan's version on the big screen, but this will be what we know about them from the source material, the comics.


Bane seems to be the main vilain of the upcoming movie. He has been present in both the 90s Batman animated series and in the horrid 1997 "Batman and Robin". However, neither of these truly did the character justice. The animated series had him looking like a Mexican pro wrestler and acting like little more than a hired hitman. And the late 90s movie was even worse, demoting the character to what amounted to little more than a mind controlled drone for Poison Ivy with plant powered muscles and a comically small natural physique. In the comics, Bane is a brilliant individual, but is marked with a dark past. Being essentially raised in captivity in a third world country and experimented on with the eventual result being his addiction to the super steroid "venom". Although the venom drug does enhance Bane's physique and indeed his strength by incredible amounts, it also clouds his mind. Bane is a rather large individual of surprising strength even without the venom, but a true match for Batman (without the venom) he is not in my opinion. Yet it could be argued that his greatest feat was not physically defeating Batman, but running him through a massive gauntlet of other criminals before he confronted him. In the comics, Bane orchistrated a massive prison break so to speak of Arkham Asylum and subsequently ran Batman through the wringer when the dark knight worked literally 24/ 7 to aprehend the escapees. If the Bane of the new movie has similar cunning, Batman will have his work cut out for him in more ways than one. Bane's motives may be another point of speculation. In the comics, he has been prone to relating his and Batman's meetings with some sort of destiny. He has considered himself as rightful ruler of Gotham in the past as well. His motives seem to change with time in the comics, but the trailers have seem to give an impression of a takeover of sorts. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities for Bane to be trying to take the whole of Gotham as his own. But again, he's also been depicted as a hired gun of sorts in the past. So, which version of the behemoth will we see on the big screen? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.


Many people can still remember Michelle Pfeifer's turn in this role back in Batman Returns and many want to forget Halle Berry's stint in basically the same role years later. Catwoman has been many things in the comics; a jewel thief, an animal activist, a super criminal, a hero, romantic interest for Batman. It just seems to depend on the story. A few things always seem to stay the same though. Catwoman has a love for cats and shiny things. She likes danger. She has at least a decent amount of fighting ability though nowhere near as much as Batman. She usually uses a whip and has the alter ego of Selina Kyle. Selina has been a philanthropist, a prostitute, a member of a mafia family, etc. It will be interesting to see what interpretation of the character is in store for us with the new movie.

Talia Al Ghul

This one is not at all confirmed, but was rumored very early on. For those who saw "Batman Begins", you will remember Ra's. This is his daughter. She is also a member of the league of assasins and is quite deadly though again, not as skilled as Batman himself or as much as her father. In the comics, Ra's is actually around seven hundred years old if my memory serves me correctly and is kept alive by a strange vat of chemicals called a lazarus pit. Though the more supernatural sounding side to the family's origin doesn't seem like a real good fit for Nolan's already established Batman universe, there is no reason that Talia couldn't exist and come back, wanting to either finish her father's work or perhaps even avenge his death. As Talia has also been a strong love interest for Batman in the past (even giving birth to his son in the comics), there are many potential possibilities for the character should Nolan decide to include her.

Ra's Al Ghul

Obviously, this is not a new character to the trilogy, but may be worth discussing further, because early on there were rumors that Liam Neesan may be reprising his role as the character. If this is the case, it could mean that they have decided to go with the more supernatural comic based origin of the character after all or, more likely, that a loop hole has been devised to keep Ra's from actually dying during the monorail crash toward the end of Batman Begins. If this is the case, it would certainly bring Bruce Wayne's journey full circle in a number of ways and it's always cool to see Liam Neesan playing a bad a$$ character. Unfortunately, this is far from confirmed. So, the rumor could be just a rumor.

Other characters new to the trilogy which have been reported as being important in the new movie include a supposed new detective character and possibly another love interest, neither of which have roots in the comics to my knowledge. The bottom line is as we all know, we'll have to wait to see the movie to know for sure what's going to happen. And really, it's probably better that way. See you in the theater.